The Max Caster Controversy: The Life Of A Black Wrestler In All Elite WHITE Wrestling

Recently, On AEW Dark, wrestler and rapper Max Caster made very controversial and offensive comments about mental health, Duke Lacrosse Case, and decorated gymnast Simone Biles.

And the way that AEW has handled the controversial promo has been downright piss poor at best and that’s indicative of the fact that AEW is the most anti-rap modern day wrestling promotion in the world right now. Many indie promotions, ROH, Impact, and WWE have many black wrestlers on their rosters that come out to some old school rap tracks of the 1980s to mid-2000s and a lot of them come out to modern day trap music. Those promotions that I name have a level of respect for black culture and understanding of an urban character unlike AEW, otherwise known by pro wrestling columnist, Alfred Konuwa as “All Elite WHITE Wrestling.”

Here’s my true take on The Max Caster Controversy: There’s nothing wrong with expressing yourself whether it’s through writing, poetry, singing, and especially rapping. But there are certain boundaries that you can’t cross and I understand Max Caster tried his hardest to get heel heat with the promo, but the way he went about it wasn’t the best and I don’t condone Max’s distasteful comments about mental health, The Duke Lacrosse Case, or Simone Biles.

The Max Caster Controversy is also reflective of the racial double standards that have always existed in society especially in professional wrestling. Recently, a very polarizing white female wrestler in WWE named Charlotte Flair got a lot of heat for her distasteful comments she made during a scripted promo likening her so-called “mental health issues” to Simone Biles and I was legitimately not happy about that promo either, but Charlotte didn’t even get punished for cutting that offensive and disrespectful promo, but yet AEW deliberately throws a black man under the bus as part of their “damage control,” tactic which is also reflective in how poorly they treat black wrestlers there.

Black wrestlers never get pushed as top stars let alone the main event scene in AEW because all those spots are hogged up by white dudes in their 20s-60s. Historically and today, black wrestlers are often used to put over these white wrestlers not just on Dynamite, but also on Dark, Elevation, and just recently on the debut episode of Rampage where a black female wrestler, Red Velvet was used to put over a white female wrestler in Britt Baker. Black wrestlers are treated as merely tokens and second class wrestlers in AEW and it absolutely disgusts me to death.

I will admit they do have a very diverse roster of black, brown, and LGBTQ wrestlers, but they deliberately only showcases mostly white male wrestlers on Dynamite every week. That’s like a company only hiring a few non-white people and saying that’s “diversity” when it really isn’t.

The Conclusion - The truth of the matter is that if you’re a black wrestler, you’re not gonna have much of a future in All Elite WHITE Wrestling.

By Kwame Shakir

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  1. This is one of the worst articles I've ever read and you should be ashamed of yourself for writing it.

  2. Bruh you obvious don't watch the program regularly...most of the black talent are YOUNG black talent and are still finding themselves in the ring, while the majority of the main event are 10-15 year veterans outside of Darby and MJF who have put in 5 plus years and have shown an "IT' factor. The thing about wrestling has always been this: the crowd dictates who they want to get behind and the wrestler with the biggest crowd support usually wins the title...there's no black wrestlers YET that have gained crowd support in that manner so cats are growing....give them a chance to do so.

  3. Pretty weak arguments. AEW isn't WWE, and Charlotte was women's champ when she made that comment. AEW don't have any issues with Ricky Starks or Nyla Rose holding a belt. Almost everybody within AEW expects Will Hobbs, Jade Cargill, The Acclaimed, and Top Flight to all hold belts within the next few years. They don't seem to mind giving the Lucha Brothers, who tend to conduct promos in Spanish the strap. Thunder Rosa is going to be women's champ sooner or later. Riho already was champ. The Joshi are over as hell - Lulu Pencil's been getting pops at AEW show. Not to mention, AEW helped keep a lot of black wrestlers fed by giving them bookings during the pandemic. Lee Moriarty (signed), Shawn Deen (signed), Lee Johnson (Signed), Willow Nightengale (doing solid work in NWA), and Queen Aminata (CCH).

    I'm not going to tell you not to make this argument, but it's not exactly resonating with me.

  4. He did make some kind of offensive comments . But Tony just didn't fire him there isn't black white issue , Charlotte gets no punishment even if she kills somebody that's WWE for you because it isn't for she is white it's because she's flair . Andrade got his release when he asked without a non compete clause .


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