Aiden Pearce is Trash

Watch Dogs 2 is the best Watch Dogs game. Legion at least tried, but Watch Dogs is terrible. Not because of the gameplay, visuals or soundtrack. It's terrible because Aiden Pearce is an irremediable, sociopathic, demented, twisted and undeniable piece of trash. Usually when I write these lists, I'm joking about a character I like but Aiden goes in a special category. He gets to sit next to Batman, Iron Man and The Punisher because they're all special special trash.

1. Worst Watch Dogs Protagonist, hands down. 

2. Some guys killed his niece so he shot up apartment buildings full of Black guys.

3. He has no swagger.

4. He's a drug addict. I know we don't see him do drugs during cutscenes but he's addicted to "focus boost."

5. Ubisoft sold out of the Marcus Holloway figures, they sold out of The Wrench figures. It's 2021 and you can still buy a Aiden Pearce figure brand new. Come get you boy, literally he's taking up warehouse space.

6. I'm just tired of people complaining about the crew of Watch Dogs 2 being unrelatable, unlike Aiden. When in reality they only relate to Aiden because he's a straight white man.

7. Marcus owns a gun, but never actually uses it in Watch Dogs 2. I beat the whole game with a tazer, paintball gun and stun grenade launcher. Aiden was running around Chicago like he was Rambo.

8. Man got cut off by his whole family then moved to London to stalk his nephew.

9. Terrible brother, I'm not even blaming his niece's death on hm. He's just a terrible family man. He set up cameras to watch them.

10. People say that he's more relatable to them than Marcus; what's really relatable is they are inspired by a white man with a victim complex who feels he was wronged, after he did a greater wrong to others. He doesn't really care about his niece, he cares about revenge. If he cared about his family, he would have just moved them somewhere else and gave up on all the BS heroics. He's not a real character, he's just a white male revenge fantasy. You don't even have to go as far as to compare him to Marcus and the crew from Watch Dogs 2. T-Bone is another white guy and when you played as him in the DLC he had this thing called a personality.

11. Aiden's best appearance was in Watch Dogs 2 when he didn't speak.

12. This man really running around like he's Batman. See a crime like robbery and shoot the guy in the head. You're just making more crime, why does he think he's above the law like that?

13. Got his niece killed, further traumatized his nephew.

14. If he wasn't so stuck on being an edgelord, his family might be okay.

15. Honestly, he's just an asshole who doesn't think about anyone else.

16. We're supposed to believe he's this super spy who breaks into prisons but his first solution to everything else is "Jordi, get the guns."

17. In the first mission, we watch him cause a blackout, at a sold out baseball game, so he could get away. He could have just taken off that stupid school shooter jacket combo and blended in with everyone else. He's a non-distinct white male, wouldn't be hard to blend in.

18. His sister told him exactly how to avoid all the trouble that came to him, and he did the opposite only to be angry when the trouble came to him. I thought he was supposed to be smart.

19. At the end of Watch Dogs we're supposed to believe that Aiden has turned over a new leaf and is no longer a trigger happy maniac. We're given the option to spare the person that hurt his family and we're supposed to take it because Aiden has grown. In reality, Aiden doesn't grow at all during this story. He's a piece of shit still. When you meat him in Watch Dogs: Legion, he's still a piece of shit  up to his old antics.

20. Aiden be like "I mask my emotions from people so I don't show weakness," well it looks like it didn't matter because they was playing pin the tail on your friends and family.

21. Honestly, he's just an asshole.

22. We have to talk about the spy cams in his sister's house.

23. We're supposed to see that Aiden is warped by PTSD but everything tells us he was like this before his Niece's death and he doesn't hesitate to do more and more messed up things as the story progresses. He's not a "vigilante," he's a terrorist.

24. He constantly calls out Damien on his greed, but is Aiden any better?

25. He's just generic. I had trouble finishing this list because he's just so bland, and we hardly know anything about him. 

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