5 Games That Need Sequels

People often say the sequel doesn't live up the hype. That may be the case, but we can never be sure if we never get a sequel. There are some games that are long overdue for sequels, a few even have stories ready to go but someone is dragging their feet for one reason or another. Without any more delay, here's a list of 5 games that need sequels


Why We Need a Sequel: There's a lot to explore in the world of Elder Scrolls and we're just going to leave it unexplored because Skyrim can be played on anything? Skyrim kind of kicked it up another notch. I know people just love The Witcher so much but it doesn't really hold a candle to Skyrim and people want more. You could at least toss us some updated versions of Morrowind or Oblivion to hold us over.

Why We Don't Have One: Elder Scrolls Online is far more popular than I expected. Also, why make a sequel when you can play Skyrim on every console, cell phone, refrigerator, Amazon Echo, Tesla and whatever else they're taking $60 from us for.

Odds of Getting One: High - Eventually, if you buy an Xbox. Microsoft has made it pretty clear that future Bethesda games will be Xbox exclusives, even if they had been advertised for PlayStation already. So eventually we'll get one, just have to decide if you'll buy an Xbox for it.


Sleeping Dogs

Why We Need a Sequel: This is number one on the list because I will never grow tired of telling people how it is one of the most underrated games of all time. I put it in my top five games for sure and I've bought three different versions of it. Sleeping Dogs is one of those games I find time to play every year even as my backlog grows. Sleeping Dogs brought together the combat of Arkham games, the story driven GTA Games and wrapped it all in the style of a classic martial arts film.

Why We Don't Have One: Square decided that instead of focusing on a sequel, they should create an MMORPG called Triad Wars. That game was an almost instant failure as it wasn't marketed well, there was no meaningful story and didn't match up with GTA V: Online which launched around the same time. Also, Square was having a rough few years. Sleeping Dogs was said to have underperformed. In this case it meant the game was profitable, but not enough to carry all of Square. While sales were good, it didn't compete with The Last of Us, Assassin's Creed: Black Flag, GTA 5, and other games that competition was putting out. On their end, they viewed the game as too risky.

Odds of Getting One: Low - "Never give up Jackie." The game was pretty far into development when it was cancelled. It still has a dedicated fan base, and the developers are still interested. We just have to hope Square remembers it exists.


Why We Need a Sequel: Clearly, we're never getting the single player content we were promised. This is also the firs time we've gone more than one console generation without a new Grand Theft Auto. Why are they playing with people like this? They could have at least remastered San Andreas, Vice City and GTA III with the new technology.

Why We Don't Have One: They're making too much money with GTA: Online. That's why we never got the Red Dead Redemption remastered, even if they already remastered Mexico for Red Dead Redemption 2 even if you can't go there.

Odds of Getting One: High - Eventually, we'll get a GTA 6 when the money from GTA: Online starts to dry up, but I don't see that happening any time soon. Just know, I'm not buying this game on a third console. Y'all got me once, and I won't be played again.

Kingdoms of Amalur

Why We Need a Sequel: I came across this game as a cross promotion for Mass Effect and let me tell you, it was great. The weapons offered some pretty unique uses compared to other games.

Why We Don't Have One: Good sales couldn't keep the company from going bankrupt. The game became state property and had to do time in Rhode Island prisons for a long time.

Odds of Getting One: Medium - Rhode Island sold the game rights to THQ Nordic which isn't the THQ that went out of business but the THQ that is buying all the old THQ's stuff. Confused? I bet you are. Anyway, they bought the rights and it returned to digit stores for purchase but rumors of a sequel haven't even popped up. 

There you have it, five games that need sequels. There are plenty of others that need sequels, but these are the games I want sequels for. Let me know which games you'd like to see sequels for in the comments. I'll tell you why you're wrong. 


Mass Effect: Andromeda

Why We Need a Sequel: A whole new world is out our fingertips to explore. We've got a new threat looming over the Andromeda galaxy and we have a chance to rewrite history and create a future for millions. There's so much to explore with a whole cast of characters with new stories to be told.

Why We Don't Have One: A vocal minority of Mass Effect fans are sick sick people and people that matter listen to them. Originally, the game was going to have procedural generated planets but they hated No Man's Sky so much that idea was scrapped witho

ut them realizing the games would clearly follow different procedures. They cried because the smoke wasn't smoky enough. Pretend small graphical glitches were game breaking and so on. All they want is Shepherd and his story is done. Ryder is not a marine, that is why they don't behave like one. All your stupid ass complaints. Then there was the funneling money into the failure that is Anthem. You all failed this game. The game was good, it didn't fail us, you failed it. You never wanted to accept this game. You wanted to drag the mangled body of Commander Shepard through another game rebuilding the universe. But here you have a game about building the universe and you shame it. You people are sick. I hate you all, I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only you. They finally got the combat right and you're complaining it's too hard to difficult to navigate tombs with enemies sniping you. Snipe back. I hate you.

Odds of Getting One: Medium - We'll get another Mass Effect game. I just don't think it'll be in Andromeda which is disappointing, but another Mass Effect isn't bad. But I really enjoyed exploring Andromeda. The exploration of Andromeda partially inspired my web serial Intercosmic. I'm just hoping we get another game soon.

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