The episode starts off with US Agent John Walker and Lemar Hoskins searching through the last pitstop for the Flag Smashers. John Walker tries to intimidate the owner of the building while also needing a translator to understand the German. This is just one of the reasons why John Walker is a manufactured Cap and the storyline does a very good job pushing that narrative. Even showing John get spit on and almost lose his temper by screaming, "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM ?" A real Captain would understand all forms of language and not need to be severely insecure. 
We cut into a scene showing Bucky and Sam walking in the prison to talk to Zemo. Bucky tells Sam to stay back and let himself do the talking. We later find out Zemo and Bucky plan Zemo's escape which kicks off an awesome heist scene involving Bucky and Zemo. The scene was kind of cheesy and incredibly fast but it is a TV show. The following scene reveals that Baron Zemo is extremely wealthy with a collections of cars that look to be from different periods of time. Also we finally see the mask of Baron Zemo and an ominous music plays in the background as he grabs the mask and puts its in the bag. The plan is to go to Madripoor to find answers about the super soldier serum that is currently being created.  
Introducing Madripoor again raises questions about the MCU incorporating mutants to the universe. A lot was made about WandaVision's theories because of the House of M storyline that was being told but fans were not wrong for thinking it could be hinted. The mutants are going to be introduced into the MCU and it seems like they are doing it by increments. In Falcon and Winter Solider, we already have the bar at Madripoor that Wolverine frequently attends in the comics and a city in Madripoor that contains several mutants. 
Enough with the theorizing lets get to the unanswered questions in the last three episodes...

                - Who is the power broker and how will he/she respond to Nagal being killed ?
                - What is Zemo's real plan ?
                - How will the US deal with video evidence of the Winter Soldier killing people and hurting people gets surfaced ? 

I'm looking forward to seeing what direction this show goes in since we really don't know what will happen to Bucky and Sam.
MadriPoor MadriPoor Reviewed by Casey A. on Wednesday, April 07, 2021 Rating: 5

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