Snyder Cut: What could've been for the DCU

Four years after the initial release of the theatrical cut received harsh criticism for it's rushed plot development and horrible CGI, fans of the revered DC comics were left wondering if this was truly the real version of the Justice League. Well as we all found out there was a #SnyderCut somewhere in the shadows of the Warner Brothers studios and the rabid fanbase carried the #ReleasetheSnyderCut trend for years until HBOMax caved in. Yes, fans and actors in the film including Ray Fisher were advocating for the Snyder cut to be released and it actually got approved. That alone lets us know that this could happen again the future but that's topic we can discuss later. 

 So, lets dive in on what was the longest comic book movie run time to date. Clocking in at four hours of screen time, the Snyder cut made sure to tie up all the loose ends that were left from the Joss Whedon version. The movie starts off picking up exactly where we left off at with Superman being killed by Doomsday. The difference here was that Zack Snyder added outlined images to Superman's scream echoing throughout the world, triggering the mother box's to let Steppenwolf know that the Earth's strongest defender has fallen. Cyborg is the winner of this #SnyderCut with having a more clearer backstory and more time to actually feel for the character and his struggles. A truly well thought out scene involved Silas Stone (Cyborg's father) and Cyborg in their apartment talking or I should say Silas talking while Cyborg stared out the window in a eerie glaze of nothingness. Silas, realizing that Cyborg did not want to hear anything from him, decides to leave a tape recording on the table. this tape recording informs Cyborg about his new found abilities and show's us how much Cyborg wants to help. Cyborg transfers 100 grand to a struggling civilian who had just been evicted and show's up to make sure she is saving withdrawing it. 

Throughout the film the extended cut adds layers to each support character who haven't already received their solo film. The Flash even gets more layers when Barry meets Iris West, Barry's eventual love interest in the comics, and saves her before dashing off. We also get new lines in the scene between Barry and his father in jail where we get hints that the next film will involve the Flash point paradox. If you have not read/or watch that comic please do its really freaking good. The extra scenes further prove how the theatrical cut left fans confused and bewildered with what direction the film was actually going. Too much of the past film cut time to focus on Batman and Superman, when we already got a three hour film a year before. If Snyder was able to take his time and release this after his absence from his passing of his daughter I definitely feel like this would have done way better box office wise. This film was filled with fan service/Easter egg's ranging from two Green Lanterns being shown, Darkseid using his omega beam on Atlanteans, and Evil Superman. My favorite scene was a newly added scene in which Barry using the Speed Force to reverse the destruction of Earth. In which Zack Snyder depicts Barry running through the Speed Force turning back time with every step, it is a really a well done scene. 

Now we can talk about the disappointing topic at hand. Even though we were getting alley oops for highly anticipated comic adaptions such as Injustice and Apokolips War. Steppenwolf stated to DeSaad that the antilife equation was on earth and they can control the minds of every being in the multiverse. In the epilogue and in Cyborg's vision during Superman's vision, we got a glimpse of the parallel universe with Darkseid dominating earth killing Wonder Woman, Killwog, Aquaman and turning Superman against the Justice League. It's just sad that we won't get any of these story lines besides Flashpoint Paradox and even then we won't know if this cut is canon. Warner Brothers in my opinion just ruined a potential DCU for the sake of putting out a stale movie for movie sales. At least we will always have the Snyder cut for memories of what could have been...Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are the best Batman and Superman live action adaptions but won't be returning due to Warner Brothers greed. 

Overall, my only complaint was about the slo-mo scenes. Just one or two slo-mo scenes are fine but not 10% of the entire movie. I think this a must watch if you want to know what a Justice League movie should be...

Snyder Cut: What could've been for the DCU Snyder Cut: What could've been for the DCU Reviewed by Casey A. on Friday, March 26, 2021 Rating: 5

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