WandaVision started off with such a confusing beginning that many casual MCU watchers were wondering if this was really going to be a sitcom. What is actually happening, is the MCU has decided to adapt House of M, one of the more popular Marvel comics that depict Scarlet Witch to be in a manic state. In the comic Wanda creates false relaties in which her twin boys, Billy and Tommy, are alive and gets tricked by Agtha Harkless and Mephisto (Marvel's Devil) into giving into her chaos magic. She ultimately warps reality as The Avengers/X-Men/etc.. know it and everyone gets stuck in this multiverse in which all the superheroes are either celebrities or just random people that Wanda made them become. An alternate reality was also created in which Magneto became King Magnus and mutants were the rulers of earth. Wolverine was the only one able to realize it was all fake and shook most of the X-Men out of their trance; staging a coup against Wanda and her puppet masters, Mephisto and Agatha. Wolverine and friends end up at the doorstep of Wanda, when she says the famous line; "NO MORE MUTANTS." 

It seems like the MCU will do the reverse of the statement while bringing more mutants to the MCU. After the Infinity War saga ended, Kevin Feige announced the arrival of the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the MCU. This announcement sent shockwaves to all nerd forums everywhere debating on how/which way they would incorporate such beloved characters. Six episodes into WandaVision seem to be pointing exactly to how the MCU plan to bring these characters into the ever expanding universe. At the end of episode five we were introduced to Quiksilver again but not the MCU version, NOPE, The Fox Universe version was smiling at Wanda's doorstep! The episode showed that he was one of the only characters who is aware of Wanda controlling all of Westview. This has led some to believe that Evan Peters has been casted to be Mephisto, not Quiksilver - but, for the sake of incorporating mutants we will assume Evan Peters is Quiksilver. At the end of episode six we were left seeing Wanda expand her warped reality hexagon shape farther across west pennsylvania. 

Putting on my tinfoil hat right now to throw some interesting theories out there for the fun... What if, Marvel is using WandaVision to expand that warped reality bubble (we will call this the wubble) to drag characters from the fox universe (Deadpool, X-Men, and the Fantastic Four) into the MCU. I think that the aerospace engineer that Monica Rambeau referenced in episode 4 is Hank McCoy, aka Beast, from X-Men. Beast has worked with S.W.O.R.D before and can be classified as an aerospace engineer. That would make the X-Men transition happen pretty smoothly with two characters, Quiksilver and Beast, already brought to the MCU with important roles to the already building storyline. It was hinted on pre-release interviews about WandaVision that a major character will appear in the last episode and Paul Bettany stated that the actor is someone he has been wanting to work with for a while. My guess is that it could be Michael Fassbender, aka Magneto, and Marvel could seamlessly use Quiksilver to confirm that Magneto is the father of Wanda and himself. 

With the way these episodes have been going anything can happen and I am here for the ride as the MCU has started to dive into the most interesting part of the universe. The Multiverse has so many different storylines and villains that will cause all kind of reactions. The script is there for the MCU to take and I hope that adapting House of M is just the start.....

Leave a comment down below on what you think will happen between now and the last episode of WandaVision.
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