WandaVision: Breaking the Fourth Wall

It was Agatha all alongggggggg.....At the end of the recent WandaVision episode Agnes revealed herself as Agatha Harkness. The wicked witch of the MCU is here and I will be diving in on some of the potential storylines in the moment.

We know that Agatha did not create the Wubble (Wanda's Hex), but she has been manipulating everything from the beginning. She has wanted the twins from the start for their magic and Vision was the only roadblock in the way. Her acting scared and confused during her conversation with Vision in episode 6 gave her the chance to push Vision away from Wanda and the kids. 

- I do not think Wanda is controlling everyone inside of the Wubble, but she can expand (or shrink) it. In this latest episode Agatha was shown tapping Herb and causing him to snap out of her trance. Also Norm, in episode two, said "She's in my head!!" when Vision touched his brain. My guess is; Agatha is controlling the people inside Westview - but didn't bring them in.

- Evan Peters can be Quiksilver or somebody Agatha has in a trance as well. That would be a *wink wink* fan service nod for MCU nerds like me that can't wait for the X-Men and mutants to be announced. Think about it; if Agatha was already in the MCU why wouldn't she just conjure up Aaron Taylor Johnson to trick Wanda into thinking he is her brother?

- The latest commercial in WandaVision basically confirmed that Wanda is a Nexus being from the comics. A Nexus being is a rare individual entity with the ability to affect probability, and thus the future. These beings act as keystones of the Mulitverse. The Multiverse is here and its going to be f***** crazy!! 

- Monica Rambeau has officially transformed into Photon. This is one the my favorite backstories the MCU has done within a show or movie. The other would be Loki in the movie "THOR." The way Monica received her powers in WandaVision leads me to believe that this could be a way the MCU can introduce mutants the universe using the Wubble's radiation as a catalyst, only activating in humans who have the X-Gene. 

- Wanda is starting to lose control over the Wubble which seems to be headed to her destroying the MCU's reality as we know it. From the hints given pre release, WandaVision was based on House of M. I think that this will only be the start of the famous comic on screen. At the end of next week we will have just seen Wanda create the Multiverse. 

 - I love how Marvel changes the aspect ratio in WandaVision to signal that the scene is taking place either in or outside the Wubble. During a scene when Dir. Hayward is telling one of his S.W.O.R.D agents that they will "launch", you can see how the aspect ratio is similar to a movie screen; more widescreen, compared to when Vision wakes up inside the wubble and the screen changes to full, giving a more TV screen feel. This is also spotted when Wanda entered Agatha's basement which could be a clue that her dungeon is in the real world existing in the wubbble at the same time. 

We still haven't gotten any hints on who the big reveal is in the last episode. I have no clue on who it will be and that only excites me more on the future of the MCU. If they can keep such a big reveal under wraps what could be shown in the future ???

Tomorrow's episode could be the key to explaining how Wanda retrieved Vision's body from S.W.O.R.D and what could be coming next week. Leave some comments or tweet @CaseysOnions if you have any hot takes about WandaVision!

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