Exclusive Interview With Sarah The Rebel

Sarah The Rebel is not only a valet aka female manager, but she’s also a wrestler, author, writer, and a big time blerd like myself. I managed to get time to email her questions that I decided to ask her for this exclusive interview.

Here’s my exclusive interview with Sarah The Rebel

KS: What’s your ethnic background?

STR: I'm Caribbean, Indian, Irish and English.

KS: I’m Unapologetically Black!!!

KS: What are your top 5 favorite video games?

STR: Dragon Age: Origins, Borderlands, Mass Effect 2, Okami & Tekken Tag Tournament

KS: Super Mario Bros. 3, Sonic 2, Streets Of Rage 2, Goldeneye 007, Streets Of Rage 4

KS: What are your top 5 favorite movies?

STR: Willow, Conan The Barbarian, Scorpion King, Labyrinth & The Red Sonja

KS: Creed, The Temptations, Coming To America, The Jacksons, Sonic The Hedgehog

KS: What are your views on intergender wrestling?

STR: I think people need to get over it and accept that sometimes to tell a good story, men and women will have to wrestle each other. For my personal taste: as it looks believable I'm for it. For example, Charlotte Flair versus Kofi would be a match I could believe and enjoy. But to be honest, I don't personally enjoy any match that features a big size difference. I wasn't a fan of Rey vs Big Show matches for example.

KS: I will say that I personally do not enjoy watching intergender wrestling matches because most of them don’t really work well and I just don’t find the appeal or specialty in them. I have my own personal reasons as to why I don’t watch those type of matches because they’re not my cup of tea, but if you’re one of these pro-intergenderalist wrestlers, fans, or podcasters who likes, supports, or participates in that type of match, then I respect that and I won’t verbally eviscerate you for it.

Despite my dislike of intergender wrestling matches, I put that view aside when I watched an intergender wrestling match between Current Pan-African World Diaspora World Champion Trish Adora ca Suge D aka Pineapple Pete at the inaugural “For The Culture” event two months ago and I have to admit it’s my personal favorite intergender wrestling match ever because it’s one of the very few that I thought was well done because the selling psychology and storytelling from Suge D was absolutely amazing and not to take anything away from Trish, she did good in the match and that second Lariet Tubman she did to Suge D at the end of that match was absolutely NASTY!!!

KS: Do you like the new school black music or the old school black music like I do?

STR: I prefer old school music overall. Funk is still my favorite genre. Prince is still my favorite artist. I think nowadays R&B and rap doesn't have as much flow and soul as the music I grew up on so I just can't get into it.

KS: I’ll easily take old school black music any day over this mostly soulless and substantless new school black music

Note: Some of my favorite black artists are 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Prince, The Gap Band, The Temptations, Johnnie Taylor, Tyrone Davis, ZZ Hill, Marvin Sease, Ice Cube, Ice T, Master P & The Old No Limit, DMX, Sir Charles Jones

KS: What was your favorite trend that you saw people either wear or do during your middle/high school years?

STR: I always wished I could have the jeans with the huge pant legs. My mom would never have let me wear them but I thought they were so cool.

KS: When I saw some of my friends wearing Dickies, I decided to personally wear Dickies because it was so hot at the time along with girls wearing Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat clothes

KS: What’s one of the proudest moments of your life?

STR: My first match on WOW Women Of Wrestling is probably one of my proudest moments. Knowing that I rose to a challenge and impressed people was a big triumph for me.

KS: Making my first ever A-B Honor Roll in 5th Grade

KS: If you got to turn back the hands of time and visit your teenage self, what advice would you give to her?

STR: Break up with that 25 year old.

KS: Advice I would give my younger self, “Never ever let society put you in a box or tell you that you can’t do this or that”

KS: What’s your favorite wrestling match you’ve ever had so far?

STR: My match versus Katarina Waters at Hoodslam. We had a magician's battle, inspired by Conan The Destroyer.

KS: What advice would you give young women who wanna pursue a career in wrestling?

STR: I have so much advice. First and foremost protect yourself. If your trainer or students make inappropriate remarks, nip it in the bud immediately. Even if it means going to another school. Also work out outside of training. If you train with all men you are going to find that working with women is different. Work on your core strength - pilates and HIIT training are great places to start. Once you start wrestling, if you're flying or traveling somewhere alone for the first time, message other women who have been on the show to to make sure it's a safe environment. And above all: if you have a dream don't let the words of ANYONE stop you from pursuing it.

Bonus Question #1 - KS: What’s your take on the current issues facing marginalized people specifically black people in America?

STR: This is a very big, broad question. I don't even know where to start. My heart hurts that even with all the information available to us in this modern age that people will still choose hate and ignorance. What happened this Summer just drove home for me something that I tried to push back my whole life, something I've fought not to believe was true. I always told myself racist people were just ignorant or had had bad experiences that made them that way. But to ask simply "please do not kill us" and to be rebuffed in such a strong and hateful fashion... you can't really go anywhere else from that. I currently feel more hopeless than I've ever felt about equality and justice.

Bonus Question #2 - KS: What are your favorite foods/deserts?

STR: Sushi is my favorite food and cookies and cream icecream or milkshakes are my favorite dessert

KS: My favorite foods are pizza, spaghetti, & mac & cheese. My favorite desserts are Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Cream Pies & Nutty Buddy, chocolate chip cookie dough and cookies and cream ice cream, & red velvet and German chocolate cake

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