WWE is Trash

I told you all AEW was trash and Dom, co-host of Powerbomb Jutsu, had the nerve to say I wouldn't do that to WWE. We've been doing the show together for a few years now, and he thought I would back down? WWE has been trash for a long time if you didn't know, and I've got you covered. Here's why WWE is trash:

1. During the Gulf War they turned Sgt. Slaughter heel, and made him feud with Hulk Hogan to sell more tickets. They exploited the Gulf War for money. Then, they booked Wrestlemania at a stadium that held 100,000 people, but couldn't sell enough tickets. They faked a bomb threat, again boosting racial tensions and moved to an arena that held 16,000.

2. They're taking away Cameo, OnlyFans, Patreon and everything else from the wrestlers, they better not make us use tout.

3. McMahon family out here giving money to Trump? That's their buddy?

4. In the whole Lita-Kane-Hardy-Edge-Snitsky saga, Lita was kidnapped and raped by Kane but they made it seem like Kane was the good guy.

5. They told R-Truth a black man would never be WWE Champion.

6. When Kofi Kingston did become WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar beat him in less than 30 seconds.

7. They've got a longer list of racism in their company than any other wrestling company.

8. They really brought back Hulk Hogan after he was caught in the middle of a racist rant like it was all good. But, they made an apology after LaMello Ball, a black kid, said the N-Word. It's not the same.

9. They also made a big deal about JBL being let go when people talked about his bullying and sexual assault of other wrestlers in the locker room, then brought him back.

10. This is the only company that has a "wrestler's court," and they really let it go on.

11. Stephanie McMahon said the Steroid Trial was the equivalent of 9/11 to the WWE and then said philanthropy is the new marketing while they marketed the death of Connor and created Connor's Cure after the death of the child, and then discarded it when they stopped making money from it.

12. The XFL failed twice.

13. Montreal Screwjob wasn't as fun as it sounds.

14. The Plane Ride from Hell is exactly what it sounds like.

15. But on the racism thing, they really wore blackface multiple times.

16. They forced Pat Patterson to come out on TV for ratings despite everyone knowing Pat was gay. This is after they fired Pat in the 90s due to Terry Garvin and Mel Phillips being pedophiles. Pat Patterson was never charged, both Gavin and Phillips stated Pat wasn't involved, none of the victims listed Pat. But WWE fired him because he was gay too.

17.  Bastian Booger, Big Dick Johnson, Puke and all the other trash gimmicks.

18. They sued Debra so she could never speak about Steve Austin beating her.

19. They hired Gail Kim because they wanted to prove to Vince McMahon that "Asian women are hot."

20. Jimmy Snuka did that.

21. Owen Hart should have never been up there.

22. They're still hiring people just to keep them out of other companies.

23.The territories are gone.

24. Tim White's Lunchtime Suicide, after so many wrestlers committed suicide under WWE's employment or after leaving WWE's employment.

25. They still aren't taking concussion's seriously.

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