Netflix Needs To Stop Experimenting With Anime

Look at his jaw, Stiff ass shit

Year ago before Netflix stocks soared because of a rundown meme, they had a pretty great anime selection. As streaming services launched every week, Netflix went into a bidding war with Hulu, Funimation Now, Crunchyroll and more for the streaming rights to anime, especially newly licensed anime. The collection Netflix had dwindled quick. This prompted Netflix to start producing anime. More anime being produced and shared across the world is a great thing, but when the producers start to have a 50/50 track record with how they produce, that’s when things get iffy, no 69.

For every good anime that Netflix adapts, there are 3 terrible adaptations. Netflix will roll out a Kakegurui and Devilman Crybaby but then release Saint Seiya, Kengan Ashura and Seven Deadly Sins. The reason these anime could be summed up as terrible and not just mediocre, is because of the unnecessary decision making.

There was a time when Seven Deadly Sins was a great manga. We’re past that now but we thought the anime would follow in its footsteps. I did not. Seven Deadly Sins suffered from oversaturated animation, terrible pacing and down right horrible animation. I’ve never seen an anime this dark and light at the same time. It's like they melted crayons in the sun and then poured it over the animation equipment. On top of that the movement was downright terrible. I couldn’t wait to see Meliodas get jumped by the 10 Commandments only for him to slowly fly while slowly fighting. There was no reason for him to be gliding like that.

Saint Seiya has a cult following. The manga originally ran in the 80’s and 90’s then spanned several sequels and spinoffs. Fans have wanted an accurate anime adaptation for years. Imagine waiting 15 years for a good adaptation just for Netflix to make Shun a girl, change all of the names to weak ass American names, and modernize it. Why on Earth are these characters whose story is set in the 70’s/80’s only to make it unto a 2019 cluster fuck of iphones and skateboards? I didn’t even make it past 7 minutes of the first episode. I was outdone.

I’m currently reading Kengan Ashura. Fans are calling it the best martial arts manga to date. I’m only 8 chapters in but it's pretty cool. I decided to watch the anime because I remember I liked the trailer despite fans online calling it ugly. This shit is ugly. The art style is pretty cool but the animation itself is mega fucking stiff. This is an anime that needs complete fluidity of movement. Why are they so fucking stiff? The facial reactions are stiff as well. Whose decision was this?

Why does Netflix keep making poor decisions? It really sucks because Netflix is adapting anime that would otherwise never be animated. Imagine a manga you love that’s not gonna be picked up by any major studio gets picked up by Netflix, just for them to do some dumb shit to ruin it. Just adapt the anime like normal. Why is that so fucking hard? Don’t change the original concepts and don’t make it ugly. That can’t be that hard. Maybe Hulu needs to step into the game. Get us a Magi season 3 or something.

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