The Main Problems With Wrestlemania 35

Wrestlemania is called “The Super Bowl Of Sports Entertainment” for a reason. It was a time where family and friends would come together to enjoy being at the event which made their time at WM feel special. But in recent years, the special feel of Wrestlemania has extremely changed from a glorified spectacle to a 5+ hour mental/bladder endurance challenge which clearly takes away from WM being as special as it used to be.

Here are the main problems with Wrestlemania 35.

1. It’s Too Damn Long - One of the biggest problems that many wrestling fans like myself have had with Wrestlemania in recent years is that the PPVs especially Wrestlemania have become too long. Now it has even been reported that WM35 this year will be 8 HOURS LONG!!! That’s absolutely overkill and this is an example of the current oversaturation problem in WWE that I discussed in a previous article because nobody in their right state of mind wants to sit through and watch a 8 hour event like Wrestlemania because they will already be burned out by the third hour of the event. The build to WM35 from the YouTube clips I’ve seen has been one of the absolute worst builds to any Wrestlemania I’ve ever seen. Three hours of RAW is bad, but eight hours of Wrestlemania is far too much programming to take when the pre-show is three hours plus the five hour main show.

2. Too Many Matches - Another problem that many wrestling fans like myself have with WM35 this year is the fact that it will have 17 matches on the card and that’s far too many matches because even though the card “looks good on paper”, but when you look at it from a subjective point of view, many of these matches on the card are pure filler such as the pointless battle royals, Samoa Joe vs Rey Mysterio, and hell even the secondary titles are treated as filler now as they are often banished to the pre-show at the WWE PPVs nowadays. There’s absolutely no need to have so many matches on a PPV because that’s also part of the current oversaturation problem in WWE in which they value quantity over quality nowadays.

3. Too Many Part-Timers - Over this past decade in WWE, we have seen numerous part-timers come in and take TV time and main event spots away from younger full-time performers just to spark a temporary boost in the current WWE product, but the problem with the oversaturated use of part-timers is that it has greatly hurt the product and has negatively affected numerous young full-time performers along the way such as leaving them off the card and burying them by refusing to put them over. WWE has deliberately refused to create new stars because of their over reliance on “the old guard” to sell for their shows especially Wrestlemania. This year’s WM35 will have a total of possibility 10 part-timers on the card featuring Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, Beth Phoenix, The Hardy Boyz, Triple H, Batista, Shane McMahon, Brock Lesnar. That’s way too many part-timers on the card because the issue with part-timers is that they’re way past their prime and when they’re in the ring, they often put on the worst matches such as Kurt Angle has recently at house shows.

The Conclusion - If WWE continues to have longer shows like they’re currently doing, then all their fans will not be fans of the WWE for much longer.

By Kwame Shakir
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