Carol Danvers is Trash: No Really, She's Garbage

A lot of people like Carol Danvers and that's okay. See the issue arises when they want you to like her as well. Carol Danvers fans are like Nicki Minaj fans. It doesn't matter what she does wrong, you're still evil if you don't like her. They're also sure to tell you about it. Here's the thing, I nor anyone else is obligated to like Carol Danvers. Honestly, I have never liked her and never will because she is a trash human being.

Wait, I know what you're saying. Carol is a feminist icon and an inspiration to millions of women. White women. Yeah, I went there. Carol doesn't really care about equality unless it's her. She's not even good to other women. There was the time she tried to pick a fight with Monica over the Captain Marvel name. Khamala Khan no longer supports her because of her actions.

My personal favorite is the time she curb stomped Arachne right through her roof, in front of her daughter. She then beat her unconscious. Why would Carol do that? Well, Arachne was told to either arrest her ex-husband or go to prison during Civil War. Arachne couldn't bare to see her child lose either parent so she packed up and planned to flee the country. Carol found out about this and showed up to arrest her. Not peacefully either. You love Carol but there's a little girl out there doing pushups right now waiting for the day she can punch Carol right in the mouth.

Personal opinion here, Carol is a little racist. Think about all the heroes she's come into conflict with. There's Monica, because she didn't like her use of the Captain Marvel name. She tried to arrest Luke Cage and Miles Morales. Got upset with Sam Wilson because he refused to join her in Civil War II. Not to mention her actions directly led to the deaths of War Machine and Nighthawk.

On top of that, she wanted to arrest Luke because she thought he was going to lead a prison break. She showed up and being the wrongfully convicted man he is Luke asked "on what grounds?" Carol handled it the way many police officers handle having their authority questioned. She attacked Luke. In the end, the prison break did happen. Not because Luke led it, but because Carol threw him through a prison wall. But she was the good guy in Civil War II. How?  Carol isn't exactly on good terms with the black community.

Now I know what you're saying, it's the writers' fault. I will give the writers blame for some things. Take for instance the time she married her rapist and then raised him as her son. She got mad at The Avengers for letting her do this, despite none of them knowing it was going on. That is completely the writers' fault. But, Carol is still a horrible character no matter the writer.

Carol is headstrong to the point that she never views herself as being wrong even if it causes other's pain. Take for instance Rogue. Everyone knows Rogue of the X-Men. Mystique is Rogue's mother. Mistique murdered Carol's ex-fiance. Do you know how Carol thought to handle that? She tried to kill Rogue. The adopted daughter of Mystique, because whatever. She beat the crap out of Rogue. Do you know why Rogue can fly and has super strength? She wasn't yet in control of her powers and she drained Carol. I mean she drained her. Stripped Carol of her powers and Carol blamed Rogue for that. Blamed the teenage girl she tried to murder. In what world, besides Florida, is that okay? So then Carol forces her way onto the X-Men later on the grounds of "you owe me."

Look, if you love Carol that's okay with me. Just remember this whole "World's Greatest Hero," thing that Marvel is pushing is new. She's been a terrible person for decades and people are not obligated to forgive her for that. Even with her new greatest hero persona, she kickstarted it by trying to arrest Miles Morales. C'mon. I'm not obligated to like her. Nobody is. She's a garbage pail person and until she proves otherwise, she can stay in the garbage.

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  1. You could literally say the same about any other Marvel character.


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