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Black Superhero: Buck Wild

All the way back in 1972 a poor young man by the name of Rufus T. Wild was arrested for a crime he did not commit. Like many innocent people in America he was convinced to take a plea bargain because the possibility of life in prison was all too high. Rufus went to prison and tried his best to stay out of any more trouble, deciding to keep his head down and do his time.

However, things weren't that simple for him. Rufus was abused by prison guards and inmates alike. One guard in particular was openly racist and extra abusive to Rufus. Rufus had previously dated his sister and the guard saw this as a chance for revenge. After a savage beating Buck volunteered for an experimental program hoping to have his sentence. The program would freeze him with cryogenics. Unfortunately something went wrong and the machine was destroyed in an explosion giving Rufus increased strength and near limitless durability.

On a weekend furlough program with the prison, he took the opportunity to escape prison knowing he might not make it out alive otherwise. Once free he began offering his services as a mercenary for good. He couldn't decide on a single name so he went through a few that were parodies of other heroes from DC and Marvel. He went by names such as Jim Crow (The Falcon) and Buck Lightning (Black Lightning) before he came to the conclusion he would use the name Buck Wild. Thus, Buck Wild The Mercenary Man was born.

Despite Buck telling people he had to get paid, he would secretly lower his prices for work he felt was important. Because of this he quickly became loved by the communities he would work in. These were always black communities who felt they had no one else to turn to and always paid Buck what he asked because he was the only one willing to take on pimps, drug dealers and anything else hurting the neighborhood.

One dealer Buck faced off with was a woman named Lysteria who had the power to control men's minds. Buck fell under her control and was sent to take down Icon who had followed Rocket. Rocket had been on a rampage after finding out she was pregnant and had had been pushing herself to the limits shutting down drug dens across Dakota. Buck was forced to fight Icon and despite giving it his best shot he was beaten back to his senses. Icon and Buck confronted Lysteria who immediately took control of both their minds. Rocket was able to defeat Lysteria with a single punch and free them both.

A few months later when Rocket was too pregnant to fight and Icon was going on a space trip, replacements were needed. Rocket chose Buck Wild to replace Icon and he was honored. Rufus grew up poor and uneducated but when he was chosen he felt honored that he would even be considered. He spent the next few weeks studying black history and literature in an attempt to improve intelligence so he wouldn't bring shame to Icon's name, and he didn't. For months

When an alien calling himself Oblivion arrived Buck rushed to confront him after he killed dozens of people. Buck battled him with all his might until Oblivion impaled him through the chest. Icon arrived to defeat Oblivion but Buck could not be saved. During Buck Wild's funeral even his villains came out to share their stories of how Buck Wild had changed them. Icon gave the eulogy and there weren't any dry eyes. After his funeral Buck was resurrected by Kingfish, one of his villains. Kingfish was just hurt that Buck Wild would let someone else kill him. Darnice, who had been his side kick when he was Icon convinced him to accept death and move on to the afterlife.

Powers and Abilities
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Endurance
  • Near Invincibilit
  • Increased Healing Rate
  • Bad Ass

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