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Comic Book Recommendation: Deadly Class

Deadly Class is a comic book series published by Image Comics. It is written by Rick Remender with art by Wes Craig and Lee Loughridge. It’s an ongoing series that currently has five volumes and 27 issues. Deadly Class is about Marcus Lopez. An unfortunate youth living on the streets who gets invited to King’s Dominion School of the Deadly Arts, a school that trains future assassins. Marcus must deal with the burden of his past, the trials and tribulations of high school and surviving dangerous missions. Deadly Class has great drama, unique artwork, character diversity and compelling action. These are the reasons why you should be reading it.

The artwork for Deadly Class is definitely a distinctive art style. It works very well for the tone of the comic. The pages are well detailed, even the backgrounds. Loughridge did a fantastic job with the various cover pages. They are absolutely gorgeous. Wes Craig’s character designs are powerful enough that the reader can get a general ethnic/racial identity of a character from a single glance. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian ect.ect.

The students of Dominion School of the Deadly Arts have students from many prestigious crime families from all over the world. There is a diverse cast of characters which is nice to see. Primarily, books just have a large amount of white characters with not much else. But in Deadly Class the main cast has nice variety. Marcus Lopez who is from Nicaragua, Saya who is Japanese, Wille who is Black and Maria who is Mexican. Each character has different backgrounds which presents its own set of issues relating to that person’s place of origin.

Deadly Class captures readers with really compelling action sequences. It’s never as simple as just having a one on one, winner saves the day. The fights have serious consequences, win or lose and there is tons of background behind every fight. The action portions themselves are complex and well planned out. Lots of build-up and always a flashy ending. There’s an instance where two students have a personal altercation and it was an awesome fight, although one sided. The action has a good blend of context and content.

Moving forward, the best part of this comic series is the drama involved. School life, drug abuse, traumatic pasts, love, friendship and betrayal. Marcus falls in love with Saya but ends up in a relationship with someone else which causes problems. All of the main cast use hard drugs and Marcus even trips out on acid. These adolescents all have traumatic pasts that serves as the catalyst that molds them into becoming assassins. Marcus, Maria and Willie have had some hard times in the past. The friendships and love triangles cause rifts between the group and adds to the overall drama.

In summation, Deadly Class is a great comic book series with loads of potential. The cast diversity, unique artistry, brilliant drama and dope action are the reasons why you should be reading Deadly Class. Image Comics continues to publish comic book gems and Deadly Class is one of them.

Written by: Nya Hemmingz
Twitter Handle: @LolitaZenpie

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