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People Often ask me why I didn’t seem to have confidence in myself, and the most honest answer I can give you is that I drained myself in every sense comparing myself to others. Its a dreadful habit, really. You could honestly have a decent idea of who you are, what you enjoy, what you have to offer others but will still feel as though you have nothing compared to the next guy.

And why? Because that guy APPEARS to get everything you want. He gets the girls, he gets the praise, he gets everything you want, so by your logic, you're fucking up. But i’m here to tell alot of you what wiser blerds and men have told me about this whole dating scene: stop chasing and stick up for who you are. See, If there's one thing I know for a fact after the few years i've been on this earth, is that the quickest way to make a crowd of men follow any one is if the person in the person in the front knows their insecurity and can play off it JUST enough to keep them going to the next step of the plan. But thus is life in a capitalist society. Afraid you won’t please her in bed? Viagra. Afraid your kids will go to school with the wrong kids? Buy an expensive house that you can’t afford. Afraid People will break into your house in said gated community? Buy a quarter of a million dollars in guns and ammo.

But when you're young, society really does sell this narrative that everyone is supposed to be on even ground when it comes to the opposite sex and that if things aren’t working out for you, it's not your fault. When it comes to guys, the frustration over one's inability to find love and or sex is not only a common trope, but it's once again how bullshit is sold to us young guys. For one, its how they sold teenagers then and now on the awful canned funk of desperation known as Axe, which scents range from sexual frustration to bad attempt at covering up gym sweat to awkward boner during a slow dance. But on the dangerous side, it's how you get crazy SOBs like the MRAs and Red Pill guys of the world. Who of us can forget Elliot “Supreme Gentlemen” Rodgers and his 141 manifesto on how the women of the world slighted him?

But on the flip side, and this is where I hope I don’t lose you, there is a bit of injustice in dating, but the best I can tell you is this:

The injustice is that there really are people in this world who will use you in your pursuit to find love, and may very well people you choose to love. There are people who will keep people in their lives not because they care about them, but rather what they can do for them. For guys, yeah, there really are women out here who will use guys for free food or just as an ego boost. And yeah, they suck. But please know that at any point, you can make your intentions clear and if you don’t get what you want, leave. This can only go on as long as you let it. Don’t let the fear that someone else will get the girl reduce you to just a role.

At the same time, it needs to be said that just like you shouldn’t allow yourself to be used, take a page from what I learned and don’t go the extra mile when you know for a fact you aren’t going to win. There's really no glory in being that weirdo who gets seen publicly getting rejected. Don’t let movies and TV tropes have you turned into a meme or you’ll end up like that Dbag cursing out female cosplayers because some Usatame or Nana Bear type cosplayer broke your heart.

Exhibit A

I say all this to say that we Blerd guys are the authors of most of our sorrows by dragging ourselves into social situations we not only don’t wish to be in, but we know we won’t last in. at the end of the day, I know who I am: I'm nerdy as hell, I can be funny, witty, charming and smart if I don’t try to force it. And I have witnesses. Sure, I don’t have sexy hobbies or whatnot, but their my fucking hobbies goddamnit. And really we all should take this thought to heart. If the fear is that you won’t get laid, fuck it, i'm sure you’ve already amassed a stash of porn somewhere. I had to learn the hard way that you don’t destroy yourself over someone who you know won’t give you what you want in order to appear as though you're worth it. Be yourself, be happy, jerk off if you have to.

Maybe its best I leave you with some sage advice from a comedy great…

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