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5 Reasons One Piece is Undisputed as Best Manga Ever

There's a lot of people who dislike One Piece, but there's hundreds of people that love it for each of them. There's lot of reasons to love One Piece but I can only give you five. 1-2-3-4- five. So here's a list of five reasons One Piece is great.

1. Incredible World: If there's one thing nobody ever accused Oda of it's being a sloppy world builder. The man has built entire government bodies with different systems of operating as well as a World Government. A large military force with organized structure. There's an actual history of wars, not just between pirates, but countries. Historical figures famous for non pirate or marine achievements. It's crazy how much detail he put into building just the worlds.

2. Smart Fights: Fights in One Piece are something else. Usually a fight in a manga ends with people just hitting each other until one can't go. But, in One Piece there's actual strategy behind a bunch of fights. Luffy figuring out he was immune to Enel's strikes, Law taking the hearts of his opponents for an easy victory or even Caesar removing oxygen from the room are just some of the smart ways characters have won fights.

3. Characters with real goals: Sure Luffy wants to be the pirate king and Zoro wants to be the best swordsman in the world, and those are typical anime goals. What I mean by that is people wish to be the best at something and that's their whole motivation. With One Piece people have other kinds of dreams. Sanji wants to find the All Blue, Nami wants to map the world, Franky wanted to build his dream ship and sail the world and so on. It's not just the main characters either. Whitebeard wanted to create the family he couldn't have, Smoker wants peace, and Dragon wants to free the world from the oppressive rule of the Celestial Dragons. It's just cool to see a manga where everyone isn't fighting to be the strongest.

4. Training: They train the hard way in One Piece. There's no easy power ups. Even when they're just sailing the ship we see Zoro actively lifting weights, we see Brook meditate we see Usopp working to build new equipment. Nobody just wakes up and becomes powerful. Even if someone eats a devil fruit they don't just become the strongest. It's why we see people like Shanks and Mihawk with no devil fruit just running through opponents.

5. Story: That story in One Piece is A-1. Thriller Bark was the only dry spot and it's okay because it was a comedy arc. I'm not gonna say anymore. It's hot. FIRE EMOJI FIRE EMOJI FIRE EMOJI 🔥🔥🔥

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  1. Franky wanted to build his dream ship and sail the world and so on. It's not just the main characters dragon ball super

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