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Gem of the Week: Urbance

Back in 2014 while surfing the interconnected webs, one stumbled across an interesting conceptual show. It went by the name Urbance from Canadian director Joel Dos Reis Viegas, made by Steambot Studios. Though because it was essentially an independent, crowd funded project it’s taken about three years to come out. I even completely forgot it existed but the eight minute pilot episode for Urbance is out which is a show and project people should be supporting.

Urbance takes place in a dystopian society where sex is banned because of a genetic virus passed through heterosexual or homosexual coitus (sex results in death). Boys and girls grow up segregated forming various rival gangs and not completely understanding their sexuality or experience proper sexual awakenings. Two members from opposite sides of the gender gangs’ fall in love and attempt to restore peace and cure the sex prohibiting virus.

The pilot was solid and for the most part I’m on board. The voice acting isn’t the best but it makes up for it in aesthetics and potential. Urbance has lots of style, cool neon glow in the dark colors and hip music to create a solid, overall ambiance. There’s not much to be said about it right now but if you could show your support by promoting and spreading the good word, it could eventually get the funds to become something great. 

Check out the pilot here:
Written by: Nya Hemmingz follow me @LolitaZenpie 


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