Batman V Superman: A Review ***Spoiler Alert****

Let me first preface this by saying if you are one of those anti-hype beast "this was the worst movie I've ever seen” people then stop.  You are wrong, end of story. Kingsman still remains my least favorite movie I've ever seen.

Now to the actual review, the movie starts out with its first of a couple of dream sequences.  Had a bit of a rough start in my eyes.  The first 20-30 minutes of the film are very confusing, the film just kind of jumps around incoherently for a good bit before it finds its footing.  All the dreams that Bruce had were unnecessary and frankly kind of dumb, minus the one where the flash (?) came back in time and warned him because that one is the only one that pushed the plot forward.  The film then starts moving warp speed (well as warp speed as a 3 hour movie can move) leading up to the fight between batman and superman which was orchestrated by Lex.

A small bit before we go on, I hated how Lex was being played most of the movie until his rooftop scene which was honestly my favorite 10 minutes of the movie.  Jesse Eisenberg completely took over the role then.  Lex throwing Louis Lane off a skyscraper (!!!) followed by his monologue with Superman was just brilliant. I do wish he played Lex a little less cartoon-y though.

Now the fight the gladiator bout does not disappoint littered with iconic moments. Then not less than 5 or 6 explosions later Doomsday is introduced which a good amount of people may not agree with but it was the only move that makes sense because Doomsday needs no plot development because he is just a brute strength type of bad guy.  Ohhh and Wonder Woman is there now. We really did not get enough from Wonder Woman to say much about her but she did look dang good fighting alongside Bruce and Clark. Things happen and the movie ends with Superman's death (?) which part of me could have just done completely without.  I didn't believe Supes was dead, you didn't believe Supes was dead, no one really did. BUT this could have been taken in a completely different way which I will go into later.

Afleck more than held his own as Batman, a little too moody for Bruce perhaps but it was a moody movie so whatever.  The movie really played up the "world's greatest detective" coin that Batman owns and that was much appreciated. BatFleck was also aided by the best live action depiction of Alfred yet in the comic book world.  Alfred is meant to be so much more than just a stay at home butler and they completely nailed that one.

The meta-human teasers were very exciting as well, especially Aquaman, man I am excited for that hero to come to life.

The movie suffered from something a lot of Zach Snyder movies suffer from, it was convoluted.  Although I do cut it some slack because there were truly an insane amount of moving pieces that had to be addressed in this movie. The movie just didn't explain enough to be great.  It was dark but why was it so dark?  It felt like a Zach Snyder take on humanity and morality at a lot of moments.  Batman was just down right brutal, no regard what so ever for human life. “Straight outta Arkham” down to the bone.  Also the whole movie was filmed through a grey scale filter to make the mood even drearier.

Why did Lex hate Superman so much? It hit on that he had a very troubled youth and an abusive father but we got no type of motive development. The ending was also very disappointing because I had to sit through this pseudo-death funeral and then Batman get the idea to form the justice league because he feels like they will need to come together.  No loose end needing to be addressed or looming threat to the planet, no because Batman feels like they will have to. That could have been done MUCH better. Unless Superman’s death WAS the looming threat and that now after seeing that Superman was on team human even Batman is like “Damn now what are we going to do if say another Zod comes along”  It’s like losing the best player on your team during halftime, except that player is a god and infinitely better than every other player. The world didn't appreciate Superman while he was there and now we get to see how long it takes till they are begging for him to come back, and that is an ending I can get behind. 

At the end of the day this may not be the movie we wanted but in a lot of ways it was the movie we needed (I had to work that in).  Bad reviews or not this is by far the most important Comic book movie to date, sets so many things in motion that I don't even have time to go into.  The movie wasn't great but it was decent, overly dark and not much humor but entertaining.  Snyder may not be great at making a coherent plot but he sure as hell can make things exciting. 

This was a very short review and it does not do the movie justice. Go see the movie, just don't expect it to be the best thing you have ever seen (or the worst)

PS: Did not like the film score felt too overpowering, hope they just let Hans role solo on the next one.

By: Taylor Bauldwin

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Batman V Superman: A Review ***Spoiler Alert**** Batman V Superman: A Review ***Spoiler Alert**** Reviewed by Unknown on Sunday, March 27, 2016 Rating: 5

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