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Top 5 Songs on BTS' SoundCloud

If you know who BTS are then you also love them. The 7 member group make great music and we lover theirs songs so much but there are BTS songs that don't get much recognition. Besides J Hope's 1 verse and Rap Monters' mixtape RM, there are other songs on their soundcloud that are just as great. With that being said I decided to list my top 5 favorite songs, in no order, that haven't been formally released and are residing on Soundcloud.

Lost Stars/Paper Hearts - Jungkook
I knew Rap Monster was my favorite rapper of the group back when No More Dream was released but I always had trouble trying to figure out who my favorite singer was. With these two covers it finally came true. Jungkook is my favorite singer because of how soft his voice is. Its so light he's always on key with the notes. through his voice I can feel his emotions and that is a big plus. These are not only two great covers but my favorite because they are by Jungkook. Paper Hearts is my favorite of the two.

Like A Star - Rap Monster and Jungkook
Like A Star isn't the best song here but it is a good one. Jungkook;s soft voice and Rap Monster's passionate but fast rap is a good collaboration. I feel like a more updated version with better sound would be a great release as a single or on an upcoming album. This song stands out the most to me because of the potential it has.

Beautiful - Jimin, J Hope, Jin and Jungkook
If BTS had a sub unit, it would need to be this manifestation here. Beautiful is a track with soft singing and heartfelt raps about a girl who is just so beautiful and they need to have her. Its like the cute version of War of Hormones. You know, without the hormones. That was bad, sorry. Anyway its a cute and soft song guaranteed to make you smile. 

난 너를 사랑해 Cover by Jin
Jin is, as the fan base calls him, the "Mother of the group". Jin doesn't always get to shine in their songs and it under appreciated.But if you check out their soundcloud you would know how great of a singer he really is. This song here is a cover and it shows just how powerful his vocals are. Upon the first listen shivers were sent don't my spine from hearing his range. Jin proves he is a great singer with his amazing cover and that is why its one of my favorites. 

So these are my favorite songs that are residing on the boy's Soundcloud. Tell me what are your favorite songs in the comments below or on Twitter at the name below. I can't wait for more songs from them either it be free or official. Until then I'll just keep jamming to these bangers. 

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