Free Books: 10/26/15

Reading is fundamental so get you some free books. Not all of these books are great, some are. Some are really long, some are really short. Some are fiction some are self help and some are non fiction. The point is I'm trying to give out some free books. So make sure you hop on these before the deals expire. I'll try to do this every day. Admittedly I picked a bad day to start because some of these books are rough, but come back tomorrow.

C.S. Lewis - The Problem of Pain - Download (Direct)

Moving For Busy Women: How to Get From Overwhelmed to Organized in 5 Simple Steps - Free until October 27th - Download 

Weight Loss for Women Over 50: Transformation of 21 Days - (Only October 26 & 27) - Download

Halloween Magic & Mayhem - Download

187 Recipes Bundle [10/26 - 10/30] - Download

Depression And Anxiety Bundle [10/26 - 10/30] - Download

Sweet Cove Book 1 by JA Whiting - Download

Flypaper Book 1 by CK Vile - Download

The Posse by Tawdra Candle - Download

Full Circle Book 1 by Casey Peeler - Download

Refiner's Fire Book 1 by Lynn Austin - Download

Meratis Trilogy Book 1 by Krista Walsh - Download

ELE Book 1 by Rebecca Gober - Download

Preternatural Affairs (Three in One) - Download
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