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Too Swagged out for the Weak Sh*t

Am I like the only Crocodile fan around here? I mean come on he was a former Shichibukai and a King of a Country. And on top of all that he has mad swag. Have you looked at him? My man's got Gucci shoes, pants, shirt, and a Versace mink coat. With a cigar and a hook for a hand. Crocodile is the real deal but let me get to what I came here to talk about.

I feel like when Crocodile comes back he will be soo much stronger. I think he would have mastered his Devil Fruit. Think about it. He is the only logia who has a grasp on in his powers in terms of how he uses it. He is the only logia to be able to move as his power. Crocodile can freely move in a sand form. No other logia can do this. I also feel that he would be stronger because he has no purpose in the blue line or red line. He needs to go the the New World because he is a wanted criminal who escaped from the most secure prison in the world. But in order to go to the New World he has to be stronger.

Now remember that we have not seen Crocodile go all out. We don't know how strong he is at all. Now he lost to a very weak Luffy but look at this. Luffy was able to use his blood as a weapon against Crocodile. Him being sand lead to his own defeat. If you think about it, Crocodile beat himself. He was on his Aomine status. "Only I can beat me". So on top of not knowing his true strength, we can judge that he will get stronger after meeting so many famous people from the New World. It may just be me but I truly think Crocodile is probably as strong or stronger than Donflamingo. Think about it. When Gecko Moria lost to Luffy, the government tried to have him killed but when Crocodile lost he was just sent to jail. The Government has some respect for Crocodile because they probably couldn't kill him. This is just my thoughts on Crocodile's future. Tell me what you think down below. P.S, Daz Bonez is most likely stronger as well.

Introducing Crocomine

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