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Free Mixtape: Black Asylum

Until it was brought to my attention, I didn't realize I had been putting out a mixtape each year. I had just started making them because I feel like it's more organized than a playlist of random songs I like. I literally have dozens of mixtapes made up of random songs. It's not a mixtape like a single rapper. It's like when old people would put the tape recorder up to the radio and try to catch the song before the DJ started talking again. Then they'd give it to their love ones. For my generation it's like burning a CD of dope tracks to pass to your friends at lunch or something to play on the road trip.

Anyway, this one is called Black Asylum. Sometimes as a black person in America you feel trapped. Not like trapped in a prison, but an asylum. Everyone tries to paint you as crazy any time you mention racism, discrimination or anything else that may be unpleasant. Honestly, the mixtape is probably angry and depressing. It's not the hottest songs of the year. Most of the songs didn't even come out this year. It's just songs that match feeling of the year.

I'm not a rapper so downloading the mixtape doesn't forward my career at all. If you want the other two mixtapes (Black Tape and In Dependence) just tweet me or something since the download link has probably expired on those. I'll zip them up and email it to you. Enjoy the mixtape, I try to get a lot of different genres of music and people as well. Hopefully you'll find something new you like.

You can hear Darrell on the CP Time and Powerbomb Jutsu podcasts. He also plays classic arcade games on The Cabinet

Darrell S.

Hey, I write stuff, a lot of different stuff, that's all.

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