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The Last of Us Left Behind Review

 Naughty Dog gives us the first DLC of their masterpiece, The Last of Us. It's amazing how everything Naughty Dog seems to touch turns to gold and as somebody who has been playing their games since the Playstation 1 days, they have my personal respect and gratitude for the quality they put into gaming because a lot of companies and developers seem to sacrifice quality for the easy cash cow.

*This review contains light spoilers but nothing that will ruin the experience for you. If you haven't finished the original game, The Last of Us then I highly suggest you don't read this or play Left Behind yet.*

 The Last of Us Left Behind takes place during and prior to the original game. Ellie makes her travels with her friend Riley. This DLC is less serious than the actual game since after all, they are both youngsters trying to have some fun and adventure in a apocalyptic world. Then the parts during the original game is what is the most tense and serious. They're two completely different feelings which balance the game in both a challenging and fun story kind of way.

You play as Ellie which is quite different from playing as Joel. She obviously isn't as strong as Joel meaning that you may have to come up with a different strategy instead of taking everything head on like you may have previously. Ellie is tough but lets face it, a kid against a bunch of dead people and angry scavengers at the same time? She needs a little strategy.

 Ellie and Riley meet again after a long period of time away from each other and choose to have some fun by checking out a mall. I found it so enjoyable playing this despite the lack of action simply because of Ellie's smart ass remarks and the cute friendship involved. it gave you a completely different feel from the usual hopeless "must survive" feeling.

The other side of the story takes place after Joel hurts himself badly from the fall he had. Ellie takes him into hiding and now Ellie needs to find him supplies in order to properly clean and stitch him up. This was the main challenge side of it all. I wasn't expecting this but I completely understand why they added it to the mix of the DLC. It provides a lot of action compared to the flashback.

After playing the DLC I give it a 9/10. It was great, I loved the mixed feelings I had while playing it but the only issue I had was that it's short. I understand it was $14.99 but I felt like it could have been longer. I wanted to see more moments of Ellie and Riley. I wanted them to have more fun doing silly things before the DLC was over and done with, Just a half hour more!

Reviewer: Cassie Fox
Twitter: @AdventureBMO
PSN: AdvengerTime

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