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Black Superhero: Storm


Ororo Monroe, say that five times fast, was born in Manhattan but moved to Cairo, Egypt at five months. Storm is royalty, seriously her mother N'dare was an African Princess. Her father was an American photographer name David Monroe. During the Arab-Israelli conflict a plane was shot down and landed on their home. Storm's parents were killed. Storm survived buried under rubble for almost a week. She was stuck right next to her mothers dead body. Storm clawed out of the destruction with nothing but tattered clothes and her mothers royal ruby.

Storm was adopted by a gang leader Achmed El-Gibar who taught her to rob and steal because being broke can make you delirious so they rob and steal so their wallets can be bigger, Ororo how does it feel to rob privileged men. That lasted for a few years, however she picked a mans pocket one day and her world changed. She picked Charles Xavier's pocket. She tried to run away because he was in a wheel chair, how was he going to catch her. But he used his psychic power to stop her until he got attacked by someone telepathically. She turned on the burners and ran out.

Storm decided to head south and hitchhiked her way out of Cairo. Sadly her mutant powers had not appeared yet. She was almost raped by a man who offered her a ride. She was forced to kill him with his own knife to prevent herself from being raped and being murdered. Instead of taking his car, she walked across the Sahara Desert and almost died.

Luckily this is when her powers appeared, making it rain to quench her thirst, she didn't know it was her powers, she thought it was a blessing from God. Soon after she met T'Challa, AKA Black Panther. The two spent a lot of time together but he was a prince and didn't have time for her so they broke up.

Eventually she reached the Serengeti Plane in Kenya, her homeland had been drawing her near. There she learned to control her powers. She also used them to be worshiped as a God by the tribe as well, because she didn't let the powers go to her head at all. She just decided to hang around and be worshiped for a few years.

The evil mutant Deluge had come to Africa to begin his eradication of humans. The X-Men followed and met Storm who helped them defeat Deluge. Storm went back to being worshiped by her tribe. But the X-Men were snitches and told Xavier about Storm and her great power. But he knew she had robbed him in the past so he didn't even call her. Good, she didn't want to join your team any way.

Eventually the original X-Men were kidnapped and Xavier had to call Storm. But he had to be a dick about it. He just rolled into the village and in front of everyone and told she wasn't a goddess, just a mutant and she needed to realize that. Reality Check, damn. She was curious and accepted his offer, because she couldn't be worshiped as a goddess any longer. Of course she helped him save the old crew.

Storm loved and hated America at the same time, she was confused and eager to learn, but Jean Grey helped her out. Storm became the leader when Jean died and Cyclops left the team heartbroken.

Once Cyclops returned he started trying to take lead on missions and would usually fuck up Storms plans. This cause Storm to begin doubting herself but after a while she realized it wasn't her fault. She told Cyclops "You better sit your five dollar ass down before I make change," and he sat down.

When the Brood took the X-Men into space she was surgically implanted with a Brood egg. When it hatched it would take over her body. Storm had no intentions of becoming a slave so she flew into space absorbing all the solar energy she could in an attempt suicide. She almost died but was saved by the Acanti.

The Acanti looked at Storm as a guardian of anger and symbol of what they could be. She had refused to lie down for the Brood. The Acanti had been enslaved by the Brood for years. While they healed her body she taught them to fend for themselves. Eventually she lead them to defeat the Brood. This is when she returned to Earth. 

When the X-Men met the Morlock group Storm challenged their leader to a duel. Storm one this duel becoming the new leader of the Morlocks and forced them to stop attacking humans. She next traveled to Japan with Wolverine. She met his samurai friend Yukio. Yukio and Storm became best friends. She also taught Storm to finally free her rebellious side. I like her leather jacket and mohawk, the African Goddess thing was getting old.

Forge accidentally stripped Storm of her powers. But, he did nurse her back to health. They began dating but Storm broke it off when she learned it was Forge who took away her power. This lead Storm to quit the team and head off to Africa for some soul searching. There storm met Xavier's team of new mutants. She journeyed back in time with them on a mission where she met one of her ancestors and learned that her powers aren't what made her great.

After backpacking through Africa, Storm was captured by Loki. He restored her powers and brain washed her. He wanted to use her power to discredit Thor. However she resisted the return of her powers and his brain washing. She returned to the X-Men powerless and challenged Cyclops to a duel for leadership. Even with no powers she easily defeated Cyclops and became team leader again. Cyclops was crushed by his defeat and quit the team, again.

When the X-Men formed an alliance with the Hellfire Club Storm shared the position of White King with Magneto. She should have been Black Queen since that's what she is, I didn't say that, she did. That didn't last long. Storm realized the only way to protect their families was to fake their deaths and become an underground organization. Storm figured Forge could help them with this. When she found him he was on a mountain opening a portal with demons. Storm tried to stop him but inadvertently sent them to another dimension.

The two spent an entire year together. There they finally made peace and admitted they loved each other. Forge created a device to give Storm her powers back. When they returned she rejoined the X-Men in the middle of a battle against the Advisary. They imprisoned him with their lives. However a guardian named Roma revived them and freed Advisary because there can be no order without Chaos.

Storm was captured by a scientist named Nanny. I couldn't make that up. Nanny erased Storms memories and converted her back to a teenager. This way Nanny could raise Storm herself and use her to free the worlds mutant children by killing their parents. This woman is cray like crazy without the Z. However Storm was too much to hold and she destroyed the device. Storm had no memory of joining the X-Men so she went back to stealing.

Storm was attacked by Shadow Thief, but she was saved by Gambit. The two wandered around robbing and stealing for a while, until her powers returned. Storm then took Gambit to join the X-Men with her. When the X-Men were captured by the Agents on Genosha. Eventually they were able to defeat The Agents and return home.

The X-Men then split into teams with Storm leading one and Cyclops leading the other. Forge asked her to marry him but she hesitated. He was hurt and left but she truly was going to say yes to him. When defeating Apocalypse it was revealed in the future Storms powers would evolve allowing her to be a fully elemental being.

Storm formed a seperate group of X-Men called The X-Treme X-Men. I hope she isn't the one who came up with that name. They set out to search for the diary of blind mutant Destiny so they could see the future of mutants on Earth. During a mission in Africa Storm ran into Gambit again. Gambit wanted her mothers royal ruby. The ruby was part of a set that could open portals to other dimensions.

Shaitan who was an inter dimensional warrior who came through a portal, he ambushed Storm, took the ruby and kidnapped Gambit. He used Gambit's powers to open a portal to bring the Warriors of Kahn to Earth. Storm's team defeated them but she was injured and taken prisoner. Shaitan planned for Storm to be his queen. However Khan took Storm to be his queen. But the two couldn't get along so he turned from love to trying to kill her. Eventually Storm was able to escape and meet back up with her team.

When the team was asked to return to the mansion and rejoin the X-Men storm said no, because she still had work to do. When Mutant-Human relationship was at an all time low and the government was planning on genocide Storm stepped in. She offered to work on a police force with her team to keep rogue mutants in line.

Eventually Storm and her team returned to the mansion after Magneto destroyed it to help rebuild the mansion and the team. Eventually the team took a trip to Africa to stop animal mutations. The X-Men along with Black Panther were able to put a stop to this. However, never one to stay in the same place for too long, Storm chose to leave the X-Men and stay in Africa. She sent for her stuff.

After M-Day Storm's powers remained and she protected mutants in Africa. During this time she married Black Panther. The two took a honey moon around the world meeting with mutants who lead their countries. The two formed an alliance between all of these countries.

When the Superhuman Registration act happened the two went to meet with the president but Storm refused to sign up as mutant. So the president sent Iron Man and some Sentinels to attack. However Black Panther and Storm were able to make Iron man sit down. After the War they traveled the USA fact finding. However they've gotten divorced recently and Storm has gone MIA.

Abilities and Equipment

  • Energy Manipulation
    • Electricity
    • Magnetism through the Earth
    • Kinetic Energy
    • Thermal Energy
    • Solar Energy
    • Chemical Energy
    • Lightning
    • Cosmic Energy
    • Adaptation
      • Can adapt to energy in any new location, other planets other dimensions etc.
  • Magic
    • African Princess, it's in her blood, mainly used after she lost her mutant abilities
  • Weather Control
  • Weather Resistence
    • No need for coats weather doesn't effect her.
  • Water Control
  • Ice Control
  • Wind Control
  • Master Thief
  • Expert Combat
  • Skilled Technician
  • Diplomatic Immunity
  • Lock Picks
    • Used to be a thief now she keeps them around just in case
  • Bo Staff
  • Hidden Knives 

Darrell S.

Hey, I write stuff, a lot of different stuff, that's all.


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