Nobungaun Recap- Episodes 1 and 2

Nobunagun is a fun anime. Especially if you're are a fan of some historic/infamous people in history. Even if you don't like history, you can still give it a try. Now here goes this somewhat review of the first two episodes of Nobunagun. This intro kind of sucked, so I'll try to make up for it in the recaps and try to draw new people into the show, or maybe anime as a whole. I will be doing a weekly review for this show as each episode airs each week. Since I am behind (I apologize in advance), this will be a recap for Episodes 1 and 2, and the Episode 3 recap will be out later this week.

Episode 1-

This episode starts off by showing a clip of the past. It's Fedual Japan. Oda Nobunaga, one of the most famous samurai in history, being defeated by the enemies. Near death, he talks to this statue that says that he he will make his reincarnation more powerful and stronger. He tells it that he wants the reincarnation to have lots of guns and the strength to take out almost any enemy. After the request is granted, he is burned to death and engulfed in flames, thus ending his life.

Now we skip back to present day Japan. A girl named Shio Ogura is seen sleeping in her bed, not knowing that she is going to be late for school. When her room is being shown, you see toy tanks and camouflage wallpaper, as if she wants to be in the military. She knows every kind of military weapon name for name, and loves war movies. As she awakes, she sees her alarm clock, panicking that she is going to be late for her school trip to Taiwan.

Shio Ogura, the main character of Nobunagun

While running out the door with a piece of toast in her mouth, she makes it to school, just in time for the trip. Thing about Shio, she has no friends. People really don't like to talk to her. They deem her the term "uncool", and don't want to associate themselves with her, except for one girl. This girl's name is Kaoru Asua. She finds Shio cool, and wants to talk to her. But she's not sure that Shio will accept her conversation. Nonetheless, they all get on the bus and head to Taiwan. 

Once in Taiwan, they are broken into groups so they can explore the sights. Shio is fascinated by all the scenery, and all the girls look at her likes she's some kind of nutjob. Again, Asua is the only one that looks pass her craziness and sees her for the cool person that she is. Their first conversation starts when Shio is sitting down on a bench by herself, eating alone. As she is sitting down, Asao asks her a question, to which she responds "I didn't know that a cool kid would be talking to me. You shouldn't be seen with a person like me." Asao laughs and says that she admires Shio for being herself and not for being in a crowd and playing follow the leader. She even invites her to go to see the tower with her. She thanks Asao for the offer, but says that she is fine and will be alright by staying by herself.

Better picture of Shio Ogura, and Kaoru Asao is the one with her head turned to Shio

Now this is where the story starts to pick up. Monsters called "EVO's", which stand for Evolutionary Invasion Objects, have been attacking random cities all over the globe. A government agency know as DOGOO, has sent a select few soldiers out to fight these monsters. They are known as "E-Gene Holders", because of the special device they hold in their hands. Remember earlier I talked about the reincarnations of famous heroes? That's where this comes into play. Those devices that they hold have the powers that the previous warriors/villains wanted their incarnations to have. It's all confusing, but when you watch the show, you'll see what I mean.

The EVO's have selected their next target for Taiwan. A military plane flies over the city, and Shio immediately is in awe of it. But there's a problem. The plane has a bomb, and it blows up the whole city. From the smoke and dark skies, more planes come in, and you can now see these EVO's in the flesh. They attack many people, killing so many people. Fellow classmates and citizens are crushed by flying debris, and Shio knows she has to get out of there. But when it attacks the tower, she runs towards it. She knows that Asao is in there, and doesn't want the only person that treated her like a person to die. She says to one of Asao's friends that "I still haven't gotten her phone number." She panics, and runs as debris is surrounding her, EVO's closing in. Suddenly, you see a man with white hair attacking all the EVO's. His code name is "Jack the Ripper", the reincarnation of the infamous villain. He sees her and tells her to grab her friend and leave, or she's going to be killed. But Jack is taken out first. He lost too much blood from fighting. Instead of running, she picks up his device, and is suddenly taken over my Nobunaga. That's right. Shio Ogura is the reincarnation of Oda Nobunaga. Immediately, everything that he wanted his incarnation to have, she has. Lots of guns, and the ability to fight any opponent. She fights mercilessly, and kills almost all the EVO's. The episode ends with her continuing to attack, as the other E-Gene Holders are deployed to the site.

Shio Ogura awakened by the power of Oda Nobunaga

Episode 2-

The fighting is continuing. The other reincarnations of Issac Newton and Gandhi arrive to see Shio attacking the EVO's. Everyone is shocked that she can even use the powers of the E-Gene. Even DOGOO is surprised that she can do this. The fighting continues, and eventually the EVO's are pushed back. From using too much power, Shio passes out.

The disaster of Taiwan has been appearing all over the news. They talk about Shio, and how she should join DOGOO and help fight away the EVO's. At first, she is reluctant to do so. She thinks that she is not good enough, and should not interfere with them at all. She instead goes to visit Asao at the hospital. She tells Asao that she is sorry for not doing enough to save her. She feels like she is at fault, but Asao tells her otherwise. She says that if it wasn't for her, she would of never survived and made it out alive. She also jokes about Shio's whole obsession with all this military logic and that she knows every war movie and model tank and plane name for name. The two continue to get to know each other better, until the news appears on the TV Screen about the incident that has happened earlier. Shio looks away and wants nothing to do with it. Asao sees the depression on her face, and tries to cheer Shio up. 

Asao teasing Shio about the stuff she loves

Meanwhile, DOGOO comes out into the open and tell everybody who they are and what they have been doing for all this time. They explain the situation to them and say that they are trying to recruit new members that can use they E-Gear and fight against the EVO's. The citizens say that they will do anything they can to fight. Seeing this, Shio is now on the fence if she should join. On one hand she wants to fight, but on the other hand, she is too scared. Asao tells her that she should do what makes her feel comfortable. 

At the end of the episode, hearing Asao's words, she says that she is going to do it and will protect the people that she cares about. She goes to the leader of DOGOO, and tells her that she is ready to take training to become an E-Gene Holder. They tell her that they will start her training as soon as she can. Shio is positive that she can make a difference.

Shio after accepting DOGOO's offer

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