My Thoughts Of “Go Black Man”

Recently, I listened to a very empowering and uplifting song by a black woman named Stormi Maya called “Go Black Man”.

I had found out about the song from a 1 minute video clip on social media and I was like “I really gotta listen to this song to see if I like it” and in the first minute of listening to the song, I absolutely fell in love with the song because it felt very refreshing for me because I've been pretty vocal on social media over the past few years about my dislike for much of the “new school” music and how it sounds awful.

I had a short interview with Stormi, where she told me that her inspiration for making the song of “Go Black Man” actually came from her current boyfriend, a black male rapper from NY. She also told me that another inspiration for the song actually came from seeing people on TikTok praising  the counterproductive anti-black agenda called “interracial relationships” where she talked about all these young black girls pushing to be with cis white dudes. She noticed that the corporate puppets, especially most of the local black rappers weren’t putting out any music that uplifted and empowered black men, so she decided to do a song about empowering and uplifting black men called “Go Black Man” which has caught fire on not only streaming platforms like Spotify, but also its become very popular on TikTok as well.

I also asked her if she was in any interracial relationship herself and she told me that she only did it once in her teens and she absolutely regretted it because the cis white man she was with was extremely racist including calling her “his black girlfriend”, so she kicked him to the curb and vowed to herself that she will only date black men from there on out.

I listened to a few other songs from Stormi; one called “Conscious Coochie” where she talks about having her mind and consciousness level being stimulated from a very psychological standpoint and the other song of hers that I listened to is “Aphro Puff” which she talks about black pride and loving yourself and not letting anyone else put you in a box. The song is a tribute to her childhood idol and favorite rapper in Lady Of Rage who’s best known for her hit song “Afro Puffs” during the peak of The G-Funk era back in the mid-1990s.

Music nowadays is very overfilled with the same style of rapping the same bland, repetitive, and tiresome content like most of her fellow black female rappers like Nicki and Cardi. But Stormi Maya to me stands out because when you listen to her music, it’s filled with pro-black messages that not only soothe your mind and spirit, but make you very proud to be black.

It’s no secret nowadays that songs that uplift and empower black men like “Go Black Men” will never be played on these corporate owned “urban radio stations” but I love the fact that it’s popular on other streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, etc.

By Kwame Shakir
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