Goku is Not a Hero

Goku, beloved hero to most. Savior of mulitple planets, timelines and universes at this point. One of the last Saiyan warriors, said to have an unquenchable thirst for violence. He's put it aside, and become a hero to all, is what we're told. But it just isn't true, Goku isn't a hero.

Here's the thing, Goku doesn't care about beating the villain or saving people. That's secondary. He only cares about fighting stronger, and stronger opponents. His motivations are no different than Vegeta's. The key difference between the two is that Vegeta is a good father, and Goku takes life a little less seriously. If Goku truly saw defeating evil as the ultimate goal, he would have left Uubb at the Martial Arts Tournament. Instead he poked and prodded a child to lure him into a rage, hoping for a tougher fight.

It isn't just making himself stronger either. We saw him put the world at risk to make Gohan stronger. He challenged Cell to kill Gohan and even provided him with the last Senzu bean. Goku said he didn't have the strength to beat Cell, but he didn't even try because Gohan was the plan the entire time. Was he hoping Gohan would become a worthy opponent at some point? Even if he just wanted to boost Gohan's confidence by letting him beat Cell, why would he heal Cell?

If anything Hercule, or Mr. Satan, is infinitely more heroic than Goku. Hercule has the same kind of courage as Krillin. He knows he shouldn't be there, and has no chance. Still, he shows up and tries, not just as a glory hog, but to encourage other people. But here comes the crazy part, sometimes it works. It was Hercule who brought Majin Buu a puppy, stopping the destruction of the world. When Buu prepared to blow up the world because the puppy had been hurt, Hercule pretended to kill the men responsible, saving the world. I know how the Buu arc ended, but the world would have ended long before had Hercule not put himself in the sacrificial position.

I get it, Goku has died for the world, several times over. But it was never to save the world, it was always in pursuit of winning. When Piccollo killed him with the Special Beam Cannon he wasn't thinking about more Saiyans or if there was an afterlife, he just wanted to beat Radditz. That fight provides another anecdote, about honor. Goku is all about honorable one on one fights, unless he's losing. Then you have to fight the whole squad, fusions, ghosts, whatever machine Bulma made, all of that. Only if he's sure of a win must everyone clear out and stand back for a solo fight.

Goku isn't a hero, he just likes to fight. There's no need to lie about it, plenty of other characters across mediums just enjoy a good fight. The DC character Bronze Tiger, just likes to fight for whoever pays the most. Zoro from One Piece just likes to fight. Tommy the Power Ranger just likes to fight, there's no other reason he'd be a ranger forty six times over. Goku just isn't honest about it. If Goku is a hero, it's by coincidence, not intent.

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  1. I came ready to fight but I see what you mean. This could be said for most anime MCs though

  2. Good point. I'mma need a morality break down of Gon from Hunter x Hunter 🙏🔥


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