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If you had the power to change anything int he world, would you? If so what would you change? It's a question old as time. A question that countless creatives have played with. Authors, musicians, painters and everyone else. It's a question that we all think about, because we all have regrets. If someone doesn't have regrets. The 2018 film Animator takes a look at what one man would do with that power.

Neal is an artist, he works in advertising. He isn't very good with his money, women, or even his job. He's done the opposite of make waves in his company, he's simply laid low. One day, he joins and animation class, hoping to progress as an artist. He's chastised for being late, however he's asked to stay late after the teacher notices his talent. After some discussion the teacher is extremely excited to learn that Neal is also born of a mother who died in child birth. He invites Neal over.

He explains to Neal what a Griot is, a storyteller, poet, musician and even spiritual leader in some African cultures. Some Griots were said to have the power to change the world if their mother died during birth. Neals teacher has this power, and passes it on to him in order to save his wife. Neal doesn't initially understand, but he soon starts to use the power.

He uses it to convince a woman named Tina to fall in love with him. He helps her win an award. He makes his own work better which causes him to be chosen for a promotion over his friend. Soon Tina is pregnant and he convinces her to have an abortion. She becomes depressed and asks if he can draw their child back. In the end Neal sacrifices his life in order to bring back the baby.

I thought the film had an interesting premise, however it quickly fell into the same trap that many stories do when working from this premise. It became predictable. Neal was quickly painted as greedy. The moment Tina got pregnant, I knew where the film was going. Especially when Neal learned that to save a life you need to sacrifice your own.

I don't hate the film, but I'm probably not going back to watch it again. I'll probably forget it in a few months. That's not to say the film is terrible, or even bad. It's just forgettable. Even as I write this I struggle to remember anyone outside of Nate, Tina, Carmen and maybe Trey, I can't remember the name of Neal's friend. For me, nothing stood out, doesn't mean you won't like it.

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Blerd Film Club: Animator Blerd Film Club: Animator Reviewed by Darrell S. on Sunday, February 16, 2020 Rating: 5

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