Garser's Top Albums of 2019

2019 was a great year for music. Though I did not listen to a bulk of the year's diverse sounds and releases, what I did listen to was great. For the first time in nearly 5 years, my entire list is full of American albums except  one spot. Korean and Japanese music were on the back burner this year as I re-embraced what America had to offer. In no particular order, except the last two entries, here are my top albums of the year.

Tyler The Creator - IGOR
Favorite Songs: "Earfquake", "Puppet" "Running Out Of Time"
Lauded as Tyler's best project (I beg to differ) IGOR swept the nation by a storm as Tyler's most creative, diverse and experimentally weird album yet. Filled with soulful R&B and Pop numbers, Tyler was able to land his first #1 album. Despite mixed emotions, I truly enjoyed this album from start to finish. The melodies created here are special and easily digested making for a wonderful listen. Tyler knew what he was doing with this album, as he finally had everyone singing along with him.

Katie - LOG
Favorite Songs: "Remember Remix", "Thinkin Bout You"
The only Korean album to make my list despite every song being sung in English. Katie made her debut with this EP and it is an EP that should not be over looked. Katie was able to combine her beautiful lush voice, R&B, and Jazz love into a fusion that keeps you coming back for more like grandma's cookies. The album is simply a relateable love song.

Denzel Curry - ZUU
Favorite Songs: "Ricky", "Wish", "Automatic"
Last year Curry dropped his best project "TA1300" which had everyone including critics raving over how amazing the album is. With "ZUU", Denzel decided to do the opposite and just freestyle all of the songs. Denzel proves just how great of an MC he is with such dope and swift rhymes from the top of the dome. This album proves he's one of the best MC's of the decade. While ZUU's overall theme isn't a sophisticated as its predecessor, the album does a great job at making you dance and appreciate some dope lyrics or dope beats.

Anonymuz - There Is No Threat
Favorite Songs: "Primal", "818", "Smoke"
Florida native Anonymuz released his highly anticipated album with features from fellow Florida kin. "TINT" boasts a grim yet radical sound that entices the ears. With aggressive bars and beats to match, Anonymuz proves why he's the next upcoming artist in the game. From start to finish, fans are left with a fighting spirit that can only be quenched with more music from the leader of the revolution.

Monsune - Tradition
Favorite Tracks: "1998", Outta My Mind", "Mountain"
I came across Monsune last year with his hit single "Nothing in Return". This year he released his debut EP "Tradition". The album is full of crooning over R&B production. Monsune looks for answers about love, relationships, and being an adult throughout the album as if it were a glimpse into his personal life. Its an astounding piece of work that should be on every one's year end lists.

Freddie Gibbs x Madlib - Bandana
Favorite Songs: "Crime Pays", "Situations", "Practice"
The duo have done it again and, in my opinion, its their best work yet. Bandana shows a side of Freddie that we don't see often. On Bandana he's just as hungry as ever but here we have more interpersonal bangers that reach deep into Freddie's emotions. These songs act as a bridge between heavy gang and coke filled anthems that we all love. I knew I'd enjoy the album but it was my favorite hip-hop album of the year. Despite this list not being in order, this is my second favorite album of the year.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Dedicated
Favorite Songs: "Julian", "Now That I Found You", "Party For One"
My favorite album of the year goes to "Dedicated". From the start of "Julian" to the end of "Party For One", I felt the love, loss, blossoming and persistence of love in its purest form. Carly delivers an album filled with emotions we've all felt at some point in our quest for companionship. With catchy melodies, candy pop instrumentals and Carly's bubbly yet joyful voice, the album makes for a bitter sweet digestion of enjoyment.

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