The 6 Most Underapreciated Pokemon

This week Nintendo announced some more Pokemon. A few new evolutions or whatever the kids are calling them now. This included a 4th Charizard, another Pikachu and a Meowth. It is no secret that certain Pokemon are favored and that just isn't fair. Every Most Pokemon are great in their own way, even if the average person doesn't see it. I've put together a list of under appreciated Pokemon.

6. Umbreon

A lot of people don't respect Umbreon. They say Umbreon isn't the cutest or strongest Eveelution. But, let me tell you this. It never let me down. The defensive stats on an Umbreon are ridiculous. Sure, a swift kick to the gut will have it curled up like one of Michael Vick's pets. That can all be prevented. Also, Eevee is a dog, not a cat and Umbreon looks the most dog like. Show some respect before I hit you with the yawn, curse, wish, spam combo. Experienced Umbreon players know what I'm talking about. The real reason people don't care about Umbreon is because Umbreon is black. Yeah, now you're racist if you dislike Umbreon.

5. Mudkip --> Marshtomp --> Swampart

I usually pick the fire starter. I won't lie to you about it, Torchick was my guy. Still, I loved me some Swampart. Mudkip was cute, Marshtomp was that awkward middle stage but Swampart was a bad ass. Water and Ground type? Okay, now we're talking. People feared surf, but when that muddy water hit. What were they going to do? I really can't believe people thought Sceptile was a better Pokemon. Sure, it had a double type advantage, but it was ugly as all get out.

4. Larvitar --> Pupitar --> Tyranitar

Larvitar is cute in the awkward kind of way. I don't mind if it cried all the time in the anime, I would love one of those awkward little pokemon. Pupitar is just kind of there, which is fine. A lot of Pokemon have that cocoon phase these days. We call that the filler stage, I see you Gamefreak. Now Tyranitar, people hate on it all the time. Again, they typing is the reason. It has a double weakness to fighting, so people think it'll just fold up when that isn't the case. It won't, and Sandstorm will constantly be chipping away the health. I mean look at Tyranitar, a mountain of power, too tall to fall, to sweet to be sour and the opposite of a delicate flower.

3. Raichu

No, no evolutionary chain on this one. Just Raichu. People can't get enough of Pikacu even after it went on an Al Sharpton diet. People think Pichu is just the cutest thing ever. Even the cousins Pulsule and Minus, Mimichu or whatever they're called get love. But, everyone over looks Raichu, except Lt. Surge. That's why he's cool. People only think Pikachu is better than Raichu because Ash won that gym battle in some stupid way like he always does. Remember when he used Thunderbolt on an Onix? How? No, we're going to start putting some respect on Raichu. Anything Pikachu can do, Raichu can do better.

2.  Bulbasaur--> Ivysaur --> Venesaur

Do you know how many jokes there are about Bulbasaur being the unloved starter? Again, I always pick fire. But, I get the other two, don't even ask me how. I love Bulbasaur, and it took me to long to realize that. I realized it when I learned Charizard was a flying type, and not a dragon type? Venasaur never lied to me. It didn't pretend to be something it wasn't Charizard. This family of Pokemon, has been reliable all the way through. Sure it doesn't have a ton of power moves, but the powder will pretty much take anything down. They're like drug dealers, they got powder for all the Pokemon snorters. Just inhale this sleep powder while I power up my solar beam.

1. Cyndaquil --> Quilava --> Typhlosion

This is the third starter on the list, but this is the most disrespected starter in the history of starter Pokemon. Nintendo and Gamefreak don't care about them at all. No mega evolutions, no popping up in other regions. No powerups to stay competitive, no no move pools. In fact, the disrespect goes so far, that they took the flames off of them. They "quil" in Cyndaquil and Quilava was because they were porcupines and the flames were their quils. Now they don't even have quils. The saying is that juice is temporary but sauce lasts a long time. Typhlosion had the sauce, and they stripped it away. Typhlosion used to come in dripping with the flame scarf, not anymore. Now they all just look like elongated Ditto with eyes. Nobody even bothers to make jokes about them being unloved. This disrespect is unforgivable. Who even does that to a Pokemon? You took away the most iconic part of the Pokemon. On top of that, the Pokedex entries act as if the quils are still there, but they aren't we can see that. Just sickening what has been done to this evolutionary tree, and nobody said a word.

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