Album Review: Kanye West - Jesus is King

Kirk Franklin did not rob God's People for Kanye West to put out an album called Jesus is King. Still, Kanye West put out an album about God, with a capital G. Kanye West said slavery was a choice, and this album was a choice too. He didn't have to release it, but he did. Likewise, I chose to listen to it. The album is 27 minutes, and I had time. So I sat down to listen, so you didn't have to. Also, I was told there was a Clipse reunion and I love Clipse. Pusha T and No Malice.

I'll be honest with you, this album is horrible. There's no substance to this album. Not lyrically, no production wise or anything. There's no thought put into the lyrics and most of it is repetition. I understand that gospel music, especially black gospel music has a lot of call and response, but it doesn't work when you're calling to yourself and responding to yourself. Most of the songs, don't feature a full verse and production is lazy at best.

Black American Gospel music is unique. There is no other kind of music like it. I know atheist that appreciate the music because it is unique. This is not it. This is distorted pianos and choir vocals at best. The other issue is one that has been persistent lately. Pusha T and No Malice are the only ones who actually rap on the album, and their verses are distorted and slowed down. This is the same issue that Nas had with his album Nasir. Again, it's as if Kanye is giving people one instrumental to rap over, and then changing it after they've left the studio. This leads to them having bad performances, when that wasn't the case when they left the studio. I got the Clipse reunion, I'm just going to pretend it didn't happen and play "Shame The Devil," from No Malice's album Hear Ye Him.

There is no substance to this. No replay value. There's nothing memorable about this album. It was nothing more than a money grab and an attempt to bring back his Black fans. Unfortunately, that won't work. Most people have no interest in this album. I told you, I only listened as a Clipse fan and I was disappointed, so I'm never going to return to it.

I don't have anything against Gospel Rap. If you're into Gospel Rap, go listen to an album from No Malice or Lecrae. I promise, any track will be better than anything you heard on this album. Neither is going to beat you over the head with Jesus or nonsensical lyrics. You have options and Kanye West doesn't have to be one. Jesus is King, is what Kanye told us, but it doesn't sound like he was too sure. I'll close with a quote from No Malice from the intro of his album Let the Dead Bury The Dead:
My God. My God. My God!, Who let these suckas in the game? I must admit I find it kind of odd how easily they sell dey' self for fame, like dey sold that cain. Yea, I know I sold the same but never sold my soul cause I would only 'have this world to gain. Mayne, I know bad business when I see it. Better be careful to whom you pledge your allegiance
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Album Review: Kanye West - Jesus is King Album Review: Kanye West - Jesus is King Reviewed by Darrell S. on Friday, October 25, 2019 Rating: 5

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