Fuck Ash's League Win

 "This article is a rant so its not as formal as most of my articles. Slight profanity"

This man Ash won in the weakest league possible. He beat the ugliest, weakest, loseriest rival yet. Why should we care?

Ash won the Pokemon League in the Sun and Moon anime. Now S&M is a funny and enjoyable anime, Ash's win doesn't matter. There was no competition or a good rival to male the story enjoyable. Now I have two main issues with Ash winning this league. He had his weakest squad yet and the win is 22 years late.

Ash should have won the Sinnoh and Kalos region Leagues. Those were his two best Pokemon teams. In Sinnoh he had Pikachu, Torterra, Infernape, Gible, Heracross and Staraptor. This man has two final Evolution starters, the strongest bird Pokemon plus his OP Pikachu. He had a Dragon type and a pretty good ass Bug type, maybe the best Bug type. You're telling me he couldn't have won with this team? In Kalos he has Pikachu, two dragon types in Goodra and Noivern, Hawlucha, Talonflame, and his strongest Pokemon yet in Greninja. This team was better than the Sinnoh team yet he still lost?

Ash's Alola team consisted of a bunch of ugly Pokemon. Pikachu and Ash both look like they have a face illness. The S&M animation isn't bad but the faces they gave Ash and Pikachu are terrible. Torracat is cool so it gets a pass. Meltan is one of the ugliest Pokemon I've ever seen. Americans need to stop drawing Pokemon now. Lycanroc has a cool design but it wasn't powerful. Rowlet is funny but its just there. Not only did it not evolve but it will never be on the level of Ash's starter Pokemon that didn't evolve but were dope as hell. Nagandel is ugly. Ash's 5th string Pokemon could body this team.

The win itself is meaningless because its 22 years too late. The original Pokemon season set up Ash as an aspiring Trainer. He truly wanted to be the best there ever was. Leading Up to Sinnoh, Ash lost leagues but he consistently got stronger. Battle Frontier Ash had an amazing team and he himself was the best version of himself. You could look at Ash and tell he was getting closer and closer to a win. Now that they've made Ash dumber, weaker and his surroundings weaker as well, it doesn't matter. Ash was playing in the NBA and was sent to the G League where he finally got a ring, which doesn't matter.

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