Why Captain Marvel and Dark Phoenix Are The Same Movie

I think it's crazy how Dark Phoenix is considered a terrible movie, but Captain Marvel is a great film. I mean, they're basically the same film. People might not want to admit that because they love the MCU with their whole hearts. But, it's true. I've put together a list of X reasons they're the same movies. Get it? X. Like, X-Men.

1. Both movies had Kree but Dark Phoenix was forced to change the name because Captain Marvel was released first. This is because Dark Phoenix was repeatedly delayed because of Disney's purchase of Fox. That's the reason the aliens aren't named in Dark Phoenix for most of the movie.

2. Both Carol and Jean get a power up by absorbing cosmic energy.

3. Both films are set in the 90s.

4. Both films have the mentor figure lying to Jean and Carol about their pasts.

5. When they find out the truth their true power is awakened.

6. Carol/Jean then go on a journey for revenge and finding their true self.

7. Stars strong independent white women who don't need no man.

8. Chris Claremont wrote the stories both were based on because he was the person behind revitalizing both characters.

9. Both accidents were caused because the protagonist were in an experimental aircraft.

x. The endings were exactly the same. You remember when Dark Phoenix did those reshoots? It's because they had to change their ending. The ending they had done before Captain Marvel but your Disney overlords kept pushing it back because they knew Captain Marvel had the same ending. David McAvoy even went on record, he was pissed about it. I imagine a lot of the cast was.

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