Top 5 Things That All Elite Wrestling Should Improve On For The Foreseeable Future

All Elite Wrestling aka AEW is off to a pretty hot start with three pretty good shows like Double Or Nothing, Fyter Fest, and Fight For The Fallen now in the books. Even though some people said that the recent Fight For The Fallen free streaming was the weakest of the three AEW shows, they can admit that they’re better than anything on the current WWE main shows.

There have been some mistakes and blunders that AEW have made along the way & there is always room for improvement and I feel that they will get better as they lead up to the debut of their weekly show in October.

This article ain’t about me hating on AEW unlike a lot of young and old WWE apologists and superfans because I want them to do well and they can improve and get better and do these 5 things they can definitely improve on that will make the product more enjoyable to watch. I also wanna note that as much as I like AEW, but that doesn’t mean that I like everything I currently see from AEW which is very similar to me being a huge WCW guy back in the day where even though I loved WCW didn’t mean that I liked everything that I saw on the WCW weekly shows every week.

Just because I don’t like certain things about AEW doesn’t make me an AEW hater because when I critique something, I do it in a way that will make them wanna improve their product. The main difference between a critic and a hater is that a hater is someone who hates on someone or something for no apparent reason while a critic offers legitimate critiques of someone or something that will help them improve to get better.

With that aside, here are top 5 that AEW can improve on for the foreseeable future.

Avoid Mentioning WWE In Promos - One of the things that a lot of casual wrestling fans and WWE superfans in particular on Twitter have complained about is the fact that AEW and specifically Cody have continued to take subliminal shots at WWE whether it’s through Cody destroying the throne at Double Or Nothing or the recent promo after he and older brother Dustin’s Tag match against The Young Bucks at Fight For The Fallen. If they truly wanna be different from WWE in terms of product, presentation, and wrestling quality, one of the things they must do is to avoid taking subliminal shots at WWE from here on out or they will continue to shoot themselves in the foot like when then-WCW president Eric Bischoff would sometimes take subliminal shots at The WWE back in the day and he even instructed announcers at times to spoil the results of certain matches on WWE Raw like the infamous January 4, 1999 episode of Nitro where one of the announcers spoiled the results of the main event on Raw later that night between then-WWE Champion The Rock and Hardcore Legend Mick Foley and that made many Nitro viewers switch over to watch Monday Night Raw where they saw Mick Foley win his first WWE championship on that very memorable episode of Raw.

Note: WWE isn’t immune from taking shots at AEW either as they also have been taking shots at AEW when Triple H called them a “pissant company” at this year’s WWE “Hall Of Fame” Ceremony, Former WWE Star Batista and current WWE Star Roman Reigns recently said that AEW “is not competition”, and even Seth Rollins saying recently on that WWE “has the best wrestling in the world” and even though Seth is entitled to his own views, but many wrestling fans like myself disagree with those views. Even a lot of young and old WWE superfans have taken shots at AEW on Twitter condescendingly referring to them as “a t-shirt company.” WWE also took another shot at AEW at The Not-So Extreme Rules event when Raw commentator Corey Graves called The Revival “an elite tag team” which was a clear shot at AEW and specifically their amazing Tag team division.

Better Production - One of the biggest misses of AEW at the moment is the fact while their production is good, but the execution of it is pretty wonky at times where certain matches couldn’t finish due to time constraints or the cameramen missing certain spots or angles. WWE has superior quality production, but their production as also become wonky more frequently with the constant shaking of the camera during certain matches and segments which is downright stupid and annoying and many fans have been complaining about these shaky camera angles for the past several years. Another technical production glitch that happened at Fight For The Fallen was the fact that some of the streaming event had the captioned subtitles on. Even though AEW’s production isn’t perfect, but there’s room for them to improve their production quality by bringing in better people who are excellent in the production department and that will definitely make the presentation and production quality more better.

The Commentary - A lot of people on Twitter have been complaining about the commentary because even though Excalibur is good, he can definitely be downright annoying at times by crazily saying “Pilledrrrriiiivvvvveeeerrr!!!”, then there’s the legendary commentator Jim Ross who even though he hasn’t been doing commentary in a while, can be lost and wonky at times on commentary and at other times be the old energetic and emotionally focused commentator. The third guy Alex Marvez, they need to get rid of him and hire someone who has amazing commentary skills like the legendary Tony Schiavone which will definitely improve the commentary and make that significant part of their product better.

Avoid Having Too Many Matches On The Card At PPV Events - One of the biggest negatives about AEW’s recent event “Fight For The Fallen” was that there were one too many matches on the card which lead to fans at the event feeling burned out much like WM35 a few months ago. I personally feel that that the Allie vs Brandi match should’ve definitely been put on the preshow because it just wasn’t a main card worthy match. Even though Brandi is a great person and a very attractive woman, but her in-ring skills reminds me of the subpar Divas Era performers from Torrie Wilson to Kelly Kelly. They should definitely avoid burning out the fans for the foreseeable future by adding at least 7-8 matches on the event card so that way it’ll make fans be more emotionally invested into the wrestling and the event in general.

Better Music Quality - Another one of biggest misses of AEW at the moment is the music quality because even though some of the wrestler’s themes in AEW are pretty good like Chris Jericho, but there are other wrestlers like Adam Page and Kenny Omega whose themes sound very bland and generic. In terms of music WWE has very high quality production that makes you wanna download it to your phone. AEW and Impact and some of the indies music are like a hit or miss to me at times because of how wonky a bit their themes sound at times. But yeah, there’s definitely room for improvement for those three companies. WWE has had plenty of shitty themes in the past and even today like Shelton Benjamin’s current theme, Ronda Rousey’s, Bayley, etc. AEW needs to definitely hire someone that could create and produce better music quality that can definitely make fans wanna listen to it either on their smartphones or iPods.

Notable Mentions - 1) Cut the length of the PPVs from 5 to 4 hours to avoid fan burnout 2) avoid having corporate non wrestling figures like The CEO wrestling in the ring at the events like at Fyter Fest 3) Keep Brandi out of the ring and instead have her showcase her strengths as a manager 4) get rid of the absolutely horrible and annoying librarian gimmick

The Conclusion - AEW has made some steps in the right direction, but if they can improve on those 5 main things including the notable mentions that I wrote in this article, then they will definitely be around for the foreseeable future.

By Kwame Shakir
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