My Views About “The Flippy Style”

Will Ospreay hits a flip to the outside

There’s a very popular trend today in wrestling that’s drawn both praise from casual wrestling fans and criticism from old school puristic heads on social media and that trend is called “the flippy style” of wrestling.

In many indie wrestling promotions across the country today, there are many wrestlers that can do cool, athletic moves that not only gets them instant pops from the crowd, but easily gets them over with them. There’s not much focus on character development and that that’s one main thing that I personally don’t like about “the flippy style”. Another main thing that I don’t like about “the flippy style” is when it’s done too much in a match, it becomes repetitive and annoying.

The old school puristic heads especially those on YouTube like “Bruce Blitz” & “General Gerry” have come out and have blatantly criticized this modern day style of wrestling and has said in his numerous videos that “the flippy style” is “killing wrestling” as they know it. The wrestling that they grew up on is the old school slow paced style of wrestling that has become stale and boring to watch like WWE is nowadays despite the fact I haven’t watched WWE in over 10 years.

These old school puristic heads fail to realize that Ricochet and Will Osprey weren’t the first to do flippy stuff because I personally remember seeing guys like Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho to an extent, Ultimo Dragon, and others like them that were doing the flippy stuff way back in the day before Ricochet and Will Osprey popularized the style in Japan several years ago.

Also, these old school puristic heads on social media and especially on YouTube often come up with stupid, illogical, and absolutely nonsensical things about “the flippy style” when they say things like “it’s killing wrestling”, “it’s not wrestling”, or “it has absolutely no place being in wrestling”. These old school puristic heads who say these types of comments can definitely miss me with that BS.

And then you got legends like The Undertaker saying in an interview last year that a lot of the young wrestlers today (on the indies) should focus more on crafting their characters than doing flashy moves aka flippy stuff. He also said in the interview that guys like The Rock, John Cena, and Ric Flair who were never known for being flashy in the ring became the biggest stars of their respective eras and that wrestling isn’t always about the moves, it’s about evoking emotions. To be honest, I actually agree with The Undertaker on two things 1) a lot of the young wrestlers on the indies today focus too much on getting cheap pops from the crowd by doing cool stuff and not focusing enough on developing their characters more 2) wrestling is definitely not always about how many moves you can perform in a match, it’s basically about how you can get over with the crowd and how they can actually relate to the character.

My Views: My views about “the flippy style” is that it’s just as much of a style of wrestling as the traditional styles of lucha, technical, power, & brawler. Just like the old school style of wrestling, the flippy style of wrestling can be as dangerous as the old school style of wrestling (something these old school puristic heads will never admit about how dangerous the old school style of wrestling has always been). I’ve always been a fan of seeing different styles of wrestling with my favorites being lucha, power, and technical because wrestlers. I’ve been a wrestling fan for 21 years now and I’ve personally seen the styles of wrestling evolve over time and while I love the lucha, power, and technical styles of wrestling, but I also like “the flippy style” of wrestling because those matches are fast paced and aren’t as boring as the current old school style matches you see on the current WWE main roster.

The Conclusion - We live in an era where wrestling has greatly evolved over the past two decades from the slow paced old school style wrestling to the fast paced athletic style of wrestling common on the indies. The flippy style is here to stay whether these old school puristic heads like it or not.

By Kwame Shakir
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