Future Pokemon Game Ideas

If you're like me, you've been playing and watching Pokemon for 20 odd years. In those 20 years, we've been provided with the same layout, story concept and marketing. Nothing changes and as of Pokemon Sun and Moon, less Pokemon are added to the game meaning the developers rely on previous Gens(Gen1 mostly) to account of the rest of the Pokedex. Its lazy as hell. Sure, each game has a couple cool new features but it doesn't justify paying another $60 for the same game but different skin. So, as most humans have done, here are some ideas for future Pokemon games.

Pokemon Dragon and Fairy
There aren't many Dragon and especially very few Fairy types. What I propose is "Pokemon Dragon" and "Pokemon Fairy". In both games the main character finds himself falling through the dimensions and landing in either the Fairy World or Dragon World. In these worlds humans and Pokemon live the same but all Pokemon are either fully or have Fairy or Dragon type. This allows room for Fairy and Dragon versions of older Pokemon as well as new pure type Pokemon. As for the story, the Fairy and Dragon Legendary could have gotten into a huge battle that rocks both the Fairy and Dragon world. This causes the two to collide, causing anomalies, Pokemon mutations/making Pokemon angrier, and the destruction of both worlds. Its up to the MC to find one of the Legendaries and persuade it to help persuade the other Legendary into saving the worlds.

Switch Up The Starter Types 
The starters are always Fire, Water, and Grass. It makes sense as each are a counter to the other. With 18 types of Pokemon, there has to be another trio balance. Maybe Electric, Water and Ground? Its a perfect balance despite Water still being there but maybe it could be also be dual type.

Pokemon Wars
Pokemon Wars will be a Pokemon game in which the trainer has to decide what Evil Organization it will infiltrate and help put a stop to not only that Organization, but the others as well. In this story, the trainer has the option of joining Team Rocket, Plasma, Galactic and so on in order to help put an end to the war that has all of the Evil Organizations feuding across islands.

Team Rocket's Mansion
Luigig's Mansion but with Jessie, James, and Meowth. That is all.

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