15 Reasons You Should Watch Lazor Wulf

Vince Staples and Big E is all you needed to tell me. Those are two are the funniest non comedians out there. Adult Swim took the liberty of teaming them up along with creator Henry Bonsu and giving us Lazor Wulf. If you can't tell by now I'm a fan of the show, and it might just be the best 11 minutes on television, or the Adult Swim App. Here's 15 reasons to watch Lazor Wulf

1. The Voice Cast - They've got Vince Staples, Big E and Reginald VelJohnson in the same cast.

2. It's only 11 minutes an episode, just watch it when you hide in the bathroom at work.

3. Lazor Wulf is going to die soon.

4. Delicacy Dancers

5. Esther's has great food.

6. Wolf with a lazor.

7. Wolf with a Cannon.

8. Wolf with a flamethrower.

9. The moon doesn't like to be street harassed, and you're all going to stop that shit, or die.

10. There's a lot of parodies of famous people doing stupid stuff.

11. There's only one copy of Action Jackson left.

12. "Where You From" is more funny than it has any right to be.

13. Demon Wulf is a dead beat father, and if you don't watch the show you support his antics by refusing to support his children.

14. King Yeti is pretty good on his bike.

15. You're not doing anything else anyway.

In all seriousness, it's a great show for just 11 minutes and you can run through all ten episodes in no time. It's hilarious and nonsensical, but the show knows that. It doesn't try to be super woke when it touches on serious issues like street harassment, or gentrification to an extent. But it does paint them in a comical light. Sometimes we just need a laugh and this will provide you with one.

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