"See You Yesterday": Writing Our Past and Future is Impossible

"See You Yesterday" , produced by Spike Lee, is the latest of hit movies to land on Netflix. The movie stars Eden-Duncan Smith as Claudette Walker and Dante Crichlow as Sebastion Thomas. The duo are a young team of future scientist (in their garage) trying to figure out time travel. Once they do they try to use their new found knowledge to save Claudette's older brother from being killed by police officers. Along they way the two must learn that everything can't be fixed upon impulse or will alone.

As this is a Netflix movie, I went into it a bit skeptical. NEtflix produces a ton of content with some of being good, and others bad. What I've learned from Netflix programming is that the more people talk about it, the less the content tends to be great. Netflix's best content are it's sleeper hits that no one brags about. See You Yesterday. though it has had some fair talk, is one of these hits. Everything the movie set out to do, it did it well.

Claudette is a hot head. She thinks upon impulse and acts with not only her body, but her words as well. Her older brother Stro even points out that at times, event though she is smart, comes off as a hood rat. Nerly every negative incident that happens is a cause of her reckless behavior. No matter how many times she fixes things, she ends up blowing all of the plans to pieces.Sebastion on the other hand is the cool and collected type. He tries his best but fails to change Claudette's mind. My favorite aspect of the movie is the acting. The casting was spot on. Eden and Dante play their respective roles with perfection, at times leaving me breathless or down right pissed at their actions. The relationship theu have is great. They're best friends who are smart with goals that stretch beyond their Burroughs. I love that these characters can coexist with  strong relationship that doesn't give off the impression that they are in love with each other. Seeing two highschool black teens who are smart and respective of each other is a nice touch that isn't always seen in movies.

The story is great. Claudette's brother is killed by a police officer so she decided to save him with time travel. The tricky part is that she can't. If she saves him, someone else dies. If she doesn't save him, she causes another negative incident to happen in the process. To see a character try and try again as they lose every single time is great. This isn't a movie where things get better. This isn't a movie with a fairytale ending. It's a movie with a realistic ending.

The story, acting, lighting, and everything in between were made a priority and I love it. One of my favorite moments is when the duo goes to their friend Edguardo for help. In his room you see comic posters of "Ninja-K" and "Quantum and Woody". Those comics are from and indie comic publisher so to see them there tells me that the writers of the script were really going to nerd out with this movie. If I had to give a rating, I would say its  7.5/10. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the movie. I love that it kept us thinking about it's topics on police brutality and time travel.

"See You Yesterday": Writing Our Past and Future is Impossible "See You Yesterday": Writing Our Past and Future is Impossible Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Friday, June 07, 2019 Rating: 5

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