Why Legends of Tomorrow is the Best Arrowverse Show

Nobody puts respect on Legends of Tomorrow. It is easily the most overlooked show in the Arroverse. They don't get invited to do crossovers half the time. Despite that, it's still the best show in the Arrowverse. I said it, and I'm not even going to hesitate to make that claim.
  1. Hilarious portrayals of historic figures.
  2. They break the 4th wall. It isn't odd to have someone look right into the camera and say "We should have done the crossover," or jokes about Ray being Superman.
  3. They don't mind being ridiculous and campy like classic comics. 
  4. Beebo
  5. Don't mind a revolving cast. Sara, Ray and Mick are the only originals left on the team. When a character's story is done they don't force them to stay around for no reason. They might make a cameo, but when you're done you're done.
  6. Doesn't up the ante artificially. There's a 50/50 chance Legends will end each season with a happy ending. If they don't have a reason to force drama for next season, they just don't. 
  7. A lot of the CW shows push this feminism agenda, but mainly with white women. Legends does it to, but they don't stray away from other things either. We've had some heavy episodes about racism.
  8. All of the characters are messed up emotionally but they actually admit it and try to help each other.
  9. It's the perfect blend of campy and drama
  10. I'm pretty sure everyone on the show is ambiguously bi, except Sara and Constantine. They're just bi.
  11. They've been able to take villains that aren't always loved on other shows and make them incredible. Damian Darhk was okay on Arrow but great on Legends
  12. When they do crossover, they don't force characters to change personality. If we see Oliver on Supergirl or Flash he's all fun and games. On Legends he's the same Oliver, they just joke around him
  13. Started as throw away characters from other shows. Ray Palmer had nothing, Sara Lance had nothing, Mick and Snart weren't doing anything.
  14. Constantly evolving as a show. First season was super tense, second they embraced the comedy.
  15. Different threats. Flash has speedsters as villains most of the time. Even when the big bad of the season isn't one, there's still a few to show up. Arrow has ninja villains most of the time, and the occasional drug lord or magician. Supergril has aliens. Legends gives you all of those, mythical creatures, demons, government organizations. All that.
  16. They make fun of the storylines in other shows
  17. All the shows have teams, but Legends actually feels like a team. They support each other and not just the star character. Charlie and Mona went to Mick's book convention. Ray is always trying to lead team building exercises. Each member acts differently with other members. Ray might try to be serious around Sara, keep up drinking with Mick and then be a goofball with Nate. Mick and Sara might argue, but then Mick discusses romance novels with others.
  18. Not overly dependent on romance to make the show dramatic. Need more drama, drag a couple folks to hell or kill someone.
  19. They make fun of other TV shows. Not just Arrowverse, but Game of Thrones all of that stuff.
  20. Black Lightning isn't part of the Arroverse
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Why Legends of Tomorrow is the Best Arrowverse Show Why Legends of Tomorrow is the Best Arrowverse Show Reviewed by Darrell S. on Thursday, May 23, 2019 Rating: 5

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