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Eleven long years.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or just straight up moviegoers have followed this story-line up until now. Marvel's Avengers have fought foe after foe to reach their ultimate villain in Thanos. Thanos was victorious in his life-long plan of finding all six infinity stones and eliminating 50% of the universe's population. Time after time during Infinity War it felt like earth's mightiest heroes were going to stop Thanos from following through with his proclamation but in the end Thanos was inevitable.

“Avengers: Endgame” started with a boom as Thor went for the head and put Thanos to rest but as the Avengers found out the stones were destroyed already thus making the action pointless. We get our first time skip of the MCU. In what was the last showing of the original avengers, each gave a masterful performance in terms of showing their abilities. Tony Stark gave us something else—Robert Downey Jr. deserves an award for putting on master-class acting as each scene carried more weight knowing this could be his last movie, and Mr. Stark did not fail us one bit.

Marvel has long tip-toed between too much fan service and just sticking to the script but “Endgame” was the perfect balance of both. Professor Hulk was finally given to us die-hard fans who have been waiting for the moment: we get a talking Hulk on the big screen and the CGI was elite. The aftermath of “The Avengers” was shown for the first time and lead to what could be Marvel's most on-wax moment of Cap telling Shield members (who are actually Hydra) “HAIL HYDRA!” Not only did that blend in the comic book story line of Cap switching side to be on Hydra, it also shows how Cap learned from his mistakes and used his brain to help complete a dire mission. Afterwards, we were given more fan service with Captain America vs. Captain America. That fight scene was everything you could ask for and more.

Though as recent Marvel films have shown us that even those we care for perish as Black Widow and Hawkeye were met with a decision for the soul stone. A soul for a soul as Red Skull put it and I, along with many, thought this was setting up for Hawkeye to redeem himself after watching and hearing him massacre thousands since the Thanos snap. Instead, Black Widow took the leap of faith and left Barton crying in Vormir's lake while holding onto the Soul Stone, the same as Thanos during “Infinity War”.

Marvel couldn't just give us that as they finally confirmed Captain America being able to lift Mjolnir and command lighting from the heavens. Lots of people thought it was made up but evidence shows us the Cap has lifted the hammer and used it on two occasions in canon comicbook storylines dating back to 1988. Thor, Iron Man, and Cap looked to be down and out before Cap unleashed Marvel vs. Capcom combos on Thanos. It looked so smooth how Cap wielded the hammer and shield chaining combinations like he has done this before. Thanos, however, still remained a threat as he revealed his army of Chitauri along with the Black Order just after opening a can of whoop ass on Cap. 

Marvel once again decided to let us know how much of a culmination this movie was as Sam aka Falcon lets Cap know that he has some help on his left triggering the iconic scene of Cap lapping Sam continuously in Winter Soldier. Doctor Strange's 1 in 14 million chance of winning plan seemed to be working as the masters of magic opened portals bringing the Earth's mightiest heroes which kicked off the most badass fight scene of ANY comic book film. Too much was shown as each character was given a spotlight to show off their stuff. Even Pepper Potts was fitted into her Iron-Woman suit and gave us the duo we've been waiting for since Pepper was introduced, Tony and Pepper fighting side by side unleashing energy blasts was satisfying to watch and that wasn't even the best part. Scarlet Witch was finally given a platform to show her full power as she was the only Avenger to push Thanos to risk killing everyone, including his troops, to save him from being torn piece by piece. Wanda was on a mission and almost stole the show.

And though it was only right that in his last movie that Tony Stark was going to the save the day, after fighting back against creating a time machine and joining the Avengers once again, Tony delivered on multiple occasions. First, solving the issue of time travel. Then, creating an Infinity Gauntlet with nano technology to hold all six infinity stones. Earlier in the battle, Tony asked The Sorcerer Supreme if this is the timeline in which the Avengers won and Strange told Tony if I tell you  it won't happen. Each Avenger took turns trying to stop Thanos from getting his hands on the gauntlet but to no avail, besides Captain Marvel who once again was in a league of her own dominating her one-on-one match up with Thanos. She even caused Thanos to take the power stone and use it in his other hand to hit Captain Marvel to subdue her from stopping him.

Thanos seemed to be getting what he wanted, once again unleashing another classic quote, “I….. am.. Inevitable:

*snaps fingers*

Except nothing happened and as soon as he realized Iron Man had taken all six stones, it was too late as Mr Stark capped off an elite performance with the words that started this whole saga: “I… am… Iron Man”.

*snaps fingers*

Just like that, Thanos and his minions were erased from existence but at what cost as the power from all six stones was too much to handle in a human body thus killing Iron Man. The funeral was heart wrenching knowing that not only did we lose Mr. Stark, that Cap was also gone in his own way of retirement.
The future now leads many to believe this will be the start of the new Avengers. What I take from this movie is the culmination of eleven long years of world building and finally reaching the balance of fan service and sticking to the script. For years fans have screamed for Cap to say “AVENGERS… ASSEMBLE”, and not only did we receive that but he also called Mjolnir to him as well, which lead to a clip that will be played over and over and over again...

Thank you Russo's for incredible journey. We have officially reached the Endgame and what a way to sign off.

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