Top 5 Types Of Wrestling Fans That I Legitimately Can’t Stand Part 2

I previously wrote an article in which I listed several types of wrestling fans that I personally can’t stand because they definitely get under my skin.

Here’s part two of the top 5 types of wrestling fans that I legitimately can’t stand.

The “Wrestling Is Dead” Crowd - One of the biggest types of wrestling fans that I greatly can’t stand nowadays is when these ignorant douchebag casuals get on social media particularly YouTube making videos listing nonsensical garbage reasons in their twisted misguided minds as to why “Wrestling Is Dead”. These casual fans that make these type of nonsensical bullshit statements are living in a far different world than a lot us are and they’re greatly cancerous to the internet wrestling community.

The Hardcore WWE Fans - These types of wrestling fans are among those that greatly get under my skin because these hardcore WWE fans see the WWE as “bigger and better” than everyone else and not only that, they refuse to even acknowledge a particular wrestler’s accomplishments outside of WWE before they even made it to WWE like AJ Styles & Samoa Joe just to name a few. They will only acknowledge these wrestlers when they’re only under the creatively stifled and heavily micromanaged WWE umbrella.

Racist/Sexist Fans - Another type of wrestling fan that I definitely can’t stand are those that get on social media and make blatant racist/sexist statements about a particular wrestler. Recently, they went after black female wrestler Naomi for what they saw as Naomi being “an angry black woman” after Naomi went to social media and honestly expressed why non-white female performers like her deserve to be treated better by The WWE. These racist/sexist fans are like RAW is every Monday night: cancer.

Indie Wrestling Haters - The indie wrestling haters that get on social media and spew all their nonsensical garbage about indie wrestling nowadays are mainly the typical casual/hardcore WWE fans who view indie wrestling in such a very condescending manner. They say things like indie wrestling is filled with only guys that can do “flippy stuff” which to be is a bunch of BS because they fail to acknowledge that there are many power/technical wrestlers on the indie scene working their asses off to put on the best shows in front of the fans. They even went as a low as to say that indie wrestling is nothing more but a “glorified flip & dive spectacle” which really gets under my skin because there are various styles of wrestling on the indie scene today. These indie wrestling haters are among the biggest cancers to the internet wrestling community.

The Garbage Wrestler Defenders - One of the biggest things that annoys me about these casual/hardcore WWE fans nowadays is when they come on social media and go out of their way to defend wrestlers on the WWE that are definitely garbage like Jinder Mahal, Carmella, Mandy Rose, Nia Jax, Tamina, Brawn Strowman, Dana Brooke, Lacey Evans, The Iconics, and Baron Corbin aka Boring Corbin. Talk about being annoyed with defenders of these garbage WWE main roster performers.

The Conclusion - I would say that the internet wrestling community can and should voice their opinions, but when it becomes too toxic such as making racist/sexist comments about a certain female wrestler, it eventually becomes cancerous to the entire internet wrestling community.

By Kwame Shakir
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