Top 5 Types Of Wrestling Fans That I Legitimately Can't Stand

Wrestling is a legitimate sport that is an emotional rollercoaster for many of us who either watch the oversaturated sports entertainment circus known as The WWE or alternatives who produce better wrestling quality like New Japan, ROH, or the indie promotions like House Of Glory in New York.

Wrestling fans come in all shapes and sizes from a 5 year old kid through their adult years. I have been a wrestling fan ever since I was 12 years old and I have seen the highs that made me happy such as Booker T winning The World Title in 2000 and lows like the racist segments in WWE that pissed me off such as portaying Naomi as "the angry black woman" recently during that horrendous homewrecker storyline with the green Mandy Rosr or the notoriously racist comments of "nappy headed entertainer" made towards Booker T back in 2003.

There are wrestling fans like myself who have a brain that don't act like they know everything about there is about wrestling and then there are casual wrestling fans that I can't stand that act like they know everything there is about wrestling.

Here are top 5 types of wrestling fans that I legitimately can't stand.

1. The "It's Fake" Casual Fans - There's nothing more that gets under my skin so badly when these douchebag casual wrestling fans either post on social media, YouTube, or either tell you in person that "wrestling's fake". The same ones that will tell you that "wrestling's fake" are the same ones who won't say the exact same thing about these trashy garbage shows on television today such as "Empire" and "Love & Hip-Hop". If they think that "wrestling's fake" as they always love to claim, why don't they go to a wrestling tryout and see how fake it is. And what's even worse about these types of fans is when you tell them that it's not fake, it's scripted, they get very reactionary and take things very personal with you.

2. The Internet Wrestling Cyberbullies -Another thing that I can't stand about wrestling fans nowadays is that there is a lot of toxic energy in the internet wrestling community otherwise known as IWC. A lot of the toxic energy that's currently in the internet wrestling community comes from the cyberbullies who frequently bully female wrestlers and an example of this was last year when Brie Bella was the target of one of the most vicious nasty cyberbullying campaigns I've ever seen after giving stiff "Yes Kicks" to Liv Morgan in a six woman tag match on Raw.

3. The Hypocrites - Another thing that I legitimately can't stand about wrestling fans nowadays is when they complain on social media and Youtube about WWE and Vince McMahon in particular, but the hypocrisy comes in when they turn around the following week and continue to watch WWE and cheer Vince McMahon. This hypocrisy coming from these wrestling fans nowadays is stupid and absolutely asinine.

4. The Overly Obsessed Casual Fans - One of the biggest things that heavily gets under my skin nowadays about wrestling fans is that they overly obsess over a certain wrestler way too much. For example, Becky Lynch is the most popular performer in WWE right now and these casual fans are being way too overly obsessive over her and it definitely annoys me to death. What I'm saying is that you can like a certain wrestler, but when you overly obsess over that particular wrestler, it's overkill.

5. The PG Casual Fans - One of the biggest things that I legitimately can't stand about WWE fans nowadays is the fact that these PG casual fans would take any sort of garbage that The WWE throws at them on a weekly basis such as two tag teams fighting over pancakes, a guy beating up dudes dressed up as his "sisters", a guy who pisses on himself, a woman who wants to sleep with a married man, and I can go on and on about this type of garbage that The WWE continues to force and shove down the throats of these PG casual fans who love this garbage. Wrestling fans like myself who have a brain can see this garbage coming from a mile away and will even say that this is not good storytelling at all.

The Conclusion - There are a lot of toxic wrestling fans who give the entire wrestling fan community a bad name, but beneath all that, there are a lot of good intellectual wrestling fans like myself that are passionate about the sport and want the quality of wrestling to be as good as it can be.

By Kwame Shakir
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