All Elite Wrestling Announces TV Deal With TNT

All Elite Wrestling Announces TV Deal With TNT

Recently, All Elite Wrestling has officially announced that they’ve reached a TV deal with TNT. This is huge because for the first time in about 20 years, there’s a true alternative to The WWE.

The WWE as we know it today doesn’t care about the fans because it only cares about the $$$ as evidenced when they decided to continue the controversial Crown Jewel event last year after a journalist was killed after being very critical of The Saudi Royal Family.

The WWE refuses to adjust to the current times because Vince McMahon is not only out of touch with the mostly casual crowd that’s paying their money to go and see the absolutely atrocious garbage that Vince continues to shove down the throats of viewers on a week-to-week basis. The WWE is so stuck in the past as evidenced by constantly rehashing old ideas like Robert Roode’s current character being a complete knock-off of “Ravishing” Rick Rude’s character from the late 1980s as well as rehashing old storylines like Austin vs McMahon from 1998-1999 in the form of Roman vs Vince & Ronda vs Stephanie today which just doesn’t work with longtime WWE fans.

There have been many longtime WWE fans on social media and in the internet wrestling community like Haevyn Reyhne that recently did a video explaining as to why she’s unhappy and disgusted with the current WWE product with reasons such as 1) repetitive matches every week 2) bad comedy that’s not funny 3) too much overexposure of certain people like Shane McMahon and Boring Corbin 4) too much oversaturation 5) horrendously overscripted promos 6) formulaic show format in which 9/10 RAWs open up with a long stale promo 7) too much BS filler on the main roster especially the PPVs 8) too many PPVs.

Here are notable differences between AEW & WWE:

WWE has heavily overscripted the promos nowadays that makes performers on the main roster sound asinine and robotic.

AEW has stated that the promos will not be scripted as they will be given a few bullet points to follow.

WWE has always been heavy on the slow paced old school style of wrestling that the old school puristic heads love so much. To be honest, the wrestling in WWE since the start of “The PG Era” overall on the main roster in particular has been absolutely asinine, atrocious, boring, garbage, and lackluster. Hell, even the gimmick matches such as Hell In A Cell have been heavily watered down because of “The PG Era.”

AEW will focus more on the fast paced athletic style of wrestling that some longtime fans like myself and many casual fans actually enjoy more.

WWE has heavily micromanaged every aspect of the company from the wrestling to the commentary

AEW has stated that their wrestlers won’t be micromanaged nor will the commentators be given garbage scripted lines to say.

WWE currently has 35-40 writers that only write to please Vince McMahon because they only care about getting that paycheck because if they write something Vince doesn’t like, then he will rewrite the script over and over and this is definitely nothing new because whatever Vince likes, the masses won’t like.

AEW has openly stated that they will not hire any writers as the wrestlers themselves will be the writers that will be able to come up with their own ideas, and storylines that longtime and casual fans can be emotionally invested in.

My Views: I already foresaw after the hugely successful “All In” event last year that they would definitely get a TV deal next year and as of today, they announced it because this is not only huge in the sense of AEW bringing out the best in WWE again like WCW did back in the late 1990s during the memorable “Monday Night War Era”, but it’s giving disgruntled fans of the current WWE product a true alternative to the glorified sports entertainment soap opera extravaganza known as WWE.

The Conclusion - For those that are saying “Wrestling Is Dying” can go screw themselves because the future of wrestling is bright.

By Kwame Shakir

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  1. GO AEW!!!!! I'm just glad it's on TNT as I hope Ted Turner is alive to see AEW put WWE in its place.


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