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Will Smith turning down roles has made a lot of things happen. Most notably was probably The Matrix. In 1990 Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff turned down another role. This was for the movie House Party. In the end the main roles were given to Kid 'n Play. It also features Robin Harris, in the last role before his death, Martin Lawrence, Tisha Cambell, and John Witherspoon.

We start in the cafeteria where Play tells Kid and Bilal that they're having a party tonight since his parents aren't going to be home. Bilal agrees to be the DJ. The planning session ends when Stab, their local bully, gets in a fight with Kid. At home Kid begs his dad to go to the party but he doesn't budge and tells Kid to stay home. Later that night Kid's dad falls asleep and he sneaks out. The door wakes Kid's dad up because he's a rookie at sneaking out.

On the way Kid runs into stab with his two brothers Pee Wee and Zilla. He tries to run from them and jumps a fence. When he does a man named Roughouse shoots at Kid for interrupting sex with his wife, not actually sure it was his wife. Kid ducks into a Delta sorority reunion. Kid just passes the DJ one of his mix CDs so the party can be spiced up a little. Stab shows up and Kid takes off running again, taking out an old man on the way. The police catch the kids and let them go. The same police turn around and harass Kid's dad so he can get away.

As soon as Kid arrives he joins Play in a dance contest against Sydney and Sharane. Then there's a freestyle battle. Stab shows up and tries to break up the party. However, the police show up to arrest them and promise to beat them up. Kid's dad shows up next looking for Kid. By this time Kid is upstairs with Sharane, helping get her coat, because he's a gentleman. Kid's dad swears he'll get him. Play stops the party because someone has broken his toilet. Kid walks Sharane and Syndey home. Kid likes Sydney, she likes him but Sharane is flirting with Kid to be mean. She rejects him.

Sydney and Kid finally get a chance to talk. She invites him into her house. The two intend to have sex, but the condom Kid has is older than him and that's a no. Sydney's parents come home, and her father is the old man that Kid knocked down at the party earlier. Kid sneaks out and gets in another fight with Stab and his brothers. The police arrest them all. Kid raps and dances in jail so he isn't beaten up. Play, Sydney and Bilal come to bail him out. When Kid gets home he tries to sneak in but his dad catches him.

I don't have anything to say about this film being deep on some other level. I don't have anything to tell you about the things that happened behind the scenes. It's just a good movie. It's short, it's fun and funny all the way through. It's clean, there's nothing dirty about it and really is a family film. If you're just looking for something to laugh at, House Party and some of the sequels are the way to go.

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