Things That Should be Left in 2018

The year is coming to an end. Unfortunately there are some things that don't seem like they'll be coming to an end anytime soon. Sometimes we loved something and we didn't realize that it had gone bad, like Dexter. Sometimes, we never liked something but it's gotten too bad to ignore and it is now infringing on our own lives. I have five of those things right now. Things we need to leave in 2018.

1. The Walking Dead: I liked this show. It was incredible when it started, but it is time to let it go. They've gone way too far away from the comics at this point. Not because they have some grand story to tell but to save money or they've treated actors terribly. We're killing off main characters now so we don't have to pay them adult wages? Really? The storytelling has also gotten worse. Cliffhanger after cliffhanger. It has gotten ridiculous now. Most of the time there isn't even any real payoff. But they're doing spinoffs and planning a movie now? Nah, let it go. Let it go like Rick let Laurie go. I don't need Negan in video games. I don't need any of this any more. Do like Game of Thrones did and wrap it up.

2. Eminem's career: Someone told me Eminem had the album of the year and I just couldn't stop laughing. The guy is washed up. The shock value and rapping about being white is played out now. It's over Marshall. Eminem did a 12 minute freestyle for Complex, it was garbage. He just doesn't have it. He never really had it. That's why so much of his music has aged like milk and that is some really old milk. We just can't take anymore. It's time for your curtain call buddy.

3. Skyrim: I'll admit I love Skyrim. I still play it a few times each month. I've got maybe 20 different characters. Some with mods, some without. I did a YouTube series for it. But, I swear if y'all don't give us Elder Scrolls VI, I'm going to snap. Bethesda keeps teasing these huge announcements just for it to be Skyrim over and over again. Just different versions. I don't need Skyrim on my phone. I just need a new game. Maybe if you spent less time bribing game reviewers for Fallout 76 and lying about the premium editions of the game you could get started on Elder Scrolls VI.

4. Loot Boxes: I hate lootboxes. Sure they can be implemented fairly. When the loot you receive is actually random, there's no problem with that. When you aren't forced to grind and grind for them, that's okay too. I still hate them. It is the simplest form of gambling. You pay, you hope you win and if you don't you might get a nice take home prize. I don't like gambling. The lottery is a tax on poor people. Loot boxes need to be treated like gambling and should be regulated like so or they need to be gone. I don't care if you are Blizzard or 2K.

5. Microtransactions Rockstar: I fucking hate these with a passion. I'll put up with loot boxes first. In the start, microtransactions were fine.Buy the things you want so you don't have to earn them or gamble for them. Fine. But now, now. They control multiplayer games. When you have to put in 180 hours to earn the in game currency to purchase items but can purchase them for over $100, that's crazy. Microtransactions just allow companies to milk players for more and more. It happens with phone games it happens with consoles and PC. None of us are immune from this. In some games, they've even crept into single player. I'm not even playing Red Dead Online no matter how much I love the single player. When a can of beans cost more than a gold ring, I'm already out of the game.I'm not going to give you $100 and I'm not going to work a full time job just to enjoy it. I'm just going to go play something else.

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