Game Review: Spider-Man - The Heist

The first DLC for Spider-Man is here and I made sure to finish it before I played Red Dead Redemption. The DLC will finally introduce Black Cat and bring back Screwball in a new set of events. Is it worth the money and the time?

The story picks up a little after the events of the main story. So, spoilers, but not many. They don't address Aunt May and Miles only has some hilarious phone conversations but you know those MJ stealth missions are back. The story sees Black Cat back to rob Magia Crime Families of thumb drives containing access to all of their assets. Additionally she may or may not have a child and Peter may or may not be the father. One thing is for certain, he's salty that MJ has slept with other people while he's out her sleeping around with no protection.

A lot of my dislike for this one is difficulty for the sake of difficulty. New mechanics introduced just to be a pain in the behind. Brutes with miniguns, no problem on the surface. However, you need two focus bars to take them out, but they often show up at the end of the fight when you've run through everyone else. That means you're stuck hoarding focus bars so you can finish one off. Either that or you spend ten minutes dodging, jumping into the air and spraying him with your standard webs to fill the focus bars. On top of that they never appear beyond a few missions. You won't be running into them on the streets. Rocket launchers are everywhere in this one, again, on the surface that's not bad. The problem comes when there's ten guys with rocket launchers show up, but you also have to stop guys from sprinting to the doorway with stolen art. The hardest fight for me in the DLC was the first. I ran through a few others without taking a hit.

There's not much in new content beyond the story. The Screwball Challenges are more fun than the Taskmaster Challenges for sure. Some people might not feel that way but I do. I didn't actually go crazy when I had to replay one for more tokens. There aren't any new gadgets or anything like that. There's three new suits included. Everyone loves the Scarlet Spider suit, but let me tell you, the new Impact suit might be my favorite. I spent most of the story in it. The Spider-UK suit is there too.

If you're picking up the game just for the story, it'll be a fun play. Sometimes the new combat mechanics can be frustrating for the sake of frustrating. One other thing I found annoying is that the maps don't actually overlay. If you want to take out the Magia Family crimes you need to be in the DLC map, you can't switch over to the main map and change the time of day or anything like that. If you were looking for new goodies and things like that, sorry. All in all it's still a fun play with plenty of wink wink nod nod humor.

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Game Review: Spider-Man - The Heist Game Review: Spider-Man - The Heist Reviewed by Darrell S. on Wednesday, November 07, 2018 Rating: 5

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