Green Arrow is Trash

I love Green Arrow, he's not only one of my top DC Heroes, but top heroes of all time. I've been a fan since the old Justice League cartoon when he told them they forgot about the little people. From that moment on I felt like that should be one of the characteristics that a hero should have. Not just that falling satellite but the gang terrorizing the community too. Despite my love and admiration for Green Arrow, he has to get the same treatment as everyone else. So here's a list of reason Green Arrow is trash.

1. Batman probably did it already. For like 10 years he didn't have an original idea. The Arrow Mobile? The Arrow Cave?

2. Why isn't his lair called The Quiver

3. Batman got a sidekick killed, Green Arrow got one addicted to Heroin

4. He married Black Canary, then went Eric Benet. Never go Eric Benet

5. Had Batman mind wiped, but didn't go back for seconds

6. Has Batman envy, he seriously doesn't get why Batman is loved so much more

7. He chose to blow up in airplane instead of letting Superman save him. What purpose did that serve Oliver?

8. He's suicidal, think about it. He has no care about his secret identity, his solution to dire problems is to just sacrifice himself, he cheated on Black Canary and purposely pissed off Slade Wilson.

9. Some of his jokes are funny, but he's had plenty of stinkers

10. Robin Hood is played out especially when you are the 1%

11. Ineffective politician

12. So he never runs out of arrows? Ever? Is it an infinite supply?

13. Stop losing your damn company

14. Stop going broke, you'd have as much or more money than Bruce Wayne if you stopped pressing restart every few years

15. Terrible fashion sense

16. Green Arrow tells everyone not to kill but he's got 17 kills on panel and other characters point out that it's probably a lot more. Own up to it killer.

17. Most of his rogues are trash. There I said it.

18. Was around before Hawkeye, people still call him a clone

19. Chose to specialize in a stealthy weapon, still goes in quiver blazing. Just get a gun if you're going through the front door. But I guess there's no thrill in that.

20. He's an adrenaline junkie. Motorcycles, jumping off buildings, picking fights with Deathstroke and Hal Jordan. The guy just wants a thrill

TV Bonus Round:

1. Felicity and organic writing

2. He doesn't fight his own villains. Green Arrow has his own rogues. I get it, Deathstroke is an equal opportunity killer and they've got plenty of history but most of the villains aren't his.

3. Sometimes heroes like Vigilante are made into villains because? I don't know why. They just are. Let me fix the show. Who do I call? Let me write a season.

4. They said no more flashbacks and just gave us flashbacks of other characters, you're not slick.

5. Can we get a stable time slot? Wednesdays, Thursdays and now Mondays.

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