Recap: Lucha Underground s4e14 "Pet Cemetery"

By: E. Young

This week on Lucha Underground, we learn that death is a mystery and burial is a secret! That’s right, a whole episode with plot elements from a certain Stephen King movie.

As we approach Ultima Lucha, there’s still some scores to settle out here on the mat and everyone is still hunting for those elusive titles. Tonight’s first match is a Gift of the Gods match between Ivelisse and El Dragon Azteca Jr, but first: the house band in residency is the super cool El conjunto nueva ola!

The show officially starts off with a flashback to the events of last time in case you slept on that, then we get straight to Ivelisse versus Dragon Azteca. This match was pretty cool and brought out a lot of Ivelisse’s character – a very determined woman with skills for days who is more than a match for Dragon Azteca. She’s got plenty of fans in the audience, too! It’s rare to see signs in the LU audience unlike some shows, but they made sure to highlight a fansign for La Sicaria. Unfortunately, she doesn’t quite overcome Dragon Azteca and loses. Dragon Azteca is a gentleman about the whole thing, but Ivelisse takes her loss pretty hard. Ivelisse has had plenty of success as part of teams but that darn singles push seems to evade her. Fortunately, her new… pals (?) Xo Lishus and Joey Ryan come out and offer to team up with her to take on the Trios champs. Incidentally, there’s a trios title match tonight! As a side note, having not heard Sonny/Xo talk a lot, he’s a pretty decent promo. And Joey Ryan is still the talk of the town after his Dick Druids stunt at All In a couple of weeks ago. Wrestling, everyone!

King Cuerno comes out to the ring next, alone. Antonio appears from his office and acknowledges Cuerno’s beef with Pentagon (who DOESN’T have beef with Pentagon Dark?) but informs him that his opponent for the night is someone that hates them both… dear gods, if Antonio sacrifices Cuerno to Matanza tonight I will quit this show and boycott it until the end of my life!

After setting up Cuerno for a sacrifice, Antonio reveals that Cuerno’s opponent is just Mil Muertes. You know things have gotten serious when facing the Grim Reaper himself is the lesser of two evils. The winner of this match will go on to face Pentagon Dark for the LU belt, so the two of them get to scrapping right away. Mil has been going through it lately: his lover/controller betrayed him, he killed her, now he has to find a new valet… things are just going all wrong for him! He takes all his anger out on Cuerno and you can definitely feel it at points during the match. In fact, Mil’s new story arc of becoming increasingly violent for pleasure as opposed to being a mindless monster much like Matanza is pretty interesting.

Cuerno and Mil’s hatefight ends up taking out referee Marty Elias, and he calls the match off. Not that ringing the bell stops Cuerno and Mil from beating each other to hell. Antonio finally comes out to break them up and informs them that since neither of them won the match, they will face Pentagon for his title in a three way match. Antonio is a lot of things, and apparently one of them is people pleaser.

The main event is a trios championship match. In one corner we have the Reptile Tribe, and in this corner we have the reunited Super Friends featuring the newly un-brainwashed Drago and the undead alive Fenix, and Aerostar. Fenix hasn’t been back from the dead for too long and things are already… off about him. He’s wearing an uncharacteristically black outfit (always a

bad sign) and commentary notes that he’s plodding like a zombie. Well, he is. It’s not a great sight. But Aerostar seems to be confident in his old friends, or at least enough to fight alongside them again.
Screencap from Lucha Underground. Aerostar, a luchador wearing a futuristic, astronaut-esque outfit that is predominantly purple and gold with a glowing center, is posed over Fenix, a luchador wearing a red and white bird-like mask. Fenix is resting in a coffin and Aerostar is preparing to revive him.

This match isn’t that interesting from a technical standpoint. It’s a good, solid trios brawl on its own with some fantastic spots from all players as usual. Where it really shines is from a storytelling standpoint. When Aerostar saved Drago from the Reptile tribe, Drago was a little skeptical of himself but seems to be adjusting back to normal life well. Fenix, on the other hand, was effectively dead after his coffin match. During the match, it becomes apparent that Aerostar reviving Fenix with a little dark magic from the underworld and time travel may have been ill-advised. Fenix goes through the motions of fighting but doesn’t wrestle as himself. His attacks against the opposing team are violence for its own sake and it is noted many times that he’s not in sync with his teammates. Fenix eventually attacks Aerostar, allowing Jeremiah to take advantage of the situation to pin Aerostar to retain the belts. Fenix then goes on to attack Melissa. What the hell, Fenix? If El Dragon Azteca hadn’t jumped in, who knows what he would have done. Like old Jud Crandall from Pet Sematary said, sometimes dead is better!

The stinger for this episode is Marty capping off a long, long con in Antonio’s office. Previously, Mariposa had bribed Antonio for a chance at the Gift of the Gods championship, which she failed to obtain. Marty comes in with a bribe of his own, also for the GotG. But then he drops another stack for another favor…

What in the green hell could Marty’s deranged mind possibly want? Are we really seeing Fenix dark? Who would ever want to be buried in a pet cemetery? All of this and presumably more, next week!
Recap: Lucha Underground s4e14 "Pet Cemetery" Recap: Lucha Underground s4e14 "Pet Cemetery" Reviewed by Blerds Online on Thursday, September 13, 2018 Rating: 5

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