Nobody Takes Eminem Seriously

Eminem released the surprise album Kamikaze in which he released a slew of disses aimed at everyone from Joe Budden to Lil Yachty. This was in response to the laughable reviews of his previous album in which people questioned if Eminem still had it. Well does he? Kind of, but not really. We live in a world where absolutely no one outside of die hard Eminem fans take him seriously as a threat in hip hop, and it's all his fault.

There's a few reasons why this is the case. Joe Budden touched on the fact that Eminem has tarnished his legacy in hip hop by becoming the same pop act he once hated. There's also the fact that, beyond Benzino, who has Eminem really destroyed in a rap beef? I think the reason is different than that. I think it's because Eminem is just so sensitive. Seriously, Eminem is sensitive and everything gets under his skin. Don't get me wrong, MGK crossed a line mentioning his daughter, you just don't that.

But, a lot of the people he dissed were over childish things. Tyler The Creator didn't like your album so you're going to throw a fit. But, you were just giving him a shout out not long ago. Elton John had you promise to stop using the word "faggot," in your music, but here we go again. The more things change the more stay they same. Then there's the Joe Budden domestic violence disses. Joe Budden was arrested for allegedly attacking an ex in broad daylight, in the middle of the street then robbing her. Those charges were dropped because they were ridiculous and untrue. Meanwhile, you're standing next to Dr. Dre, Mr. Domestic Violence. On top of that half of your discography is about killing your mother or your ex-wife. Who are you fooling Marshall?

I take it back, the only people taking Eminem seriously are other white rappers. I never heard of Die Antwoord but they seem to be white people with facial tattoos and grills who speak in exaggerated AAVE. A team of Stitches and Iggy Azalea if you will. They released a really annoying freestyle. Machine Gun Kelly put out a response but that was only after he sprayed champagne while laughing in a bathroom. He's mad for real, but not really. But, nobody else takes you seriously.

You said you murdered Jay Z on "Renegade." Jay is not responding to that. That's some nonsense Nas said during their beef and Eminem fans ran with it. You never responded to that line, now suddenly you agree with it. Is it because your feelings are hurt? Are you trying to prove you still belong in hip hop? Ja Rule is laughing at you for still being hurt about some 2004 bars.

People often ask why hip hop doesn't respect it's elders like other genres. Here's the answer, a lot of the legends tarnish their legacies. Not by putting out bad music but raging against the next generation in hopes of keeping their careers afloat. There's a reason Method Man and Redman are still doing tracks with teenagers and quietly garnering millions of streams. They're not out here trashing all the music they don't like. There's a reason none of these new rappers are going at Nas or Jay Z, it's because they aren't putting out entire albums about how they don't like Chance's nose ring or Yachty's hair.

I personally don't consider Eminem a top ten rapper, but a lot of people do. The last two years he's done everything he can to make sure his fans don't either. Eminem is too sensitive to survive in the current hip hop climate. He's not going to get the responses that he wants. He's strayed so far from his original style of music that ridiculing the new guys means nothing when he's eventually just going to copy them at some point. You just don't have it anymore Marshall.

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