LOONA Worst To Best: Sub-Unit Albums

LOONA has started a storm since their members started debuting solo. They recently finally debuted as a full member group. So far LOONA has released 3 sub-unit albums and 12 singles grossing nearly 50 songs, 1 predebut track and the debut EP. Each sub unit was designed with a specific purpose in mind, LOONA 1/1 are Earthlings, Odd Eye Cirle are Space and LOONA YYXY are beyond the galaxy. With this in mind, just what is the best LOONA sub-unit album?

3. LOONA 1/3 -  Love and Live
Despite having some amazing solo tracks leading up to the album, LOONA 1/3's sub-unit debut was mostly lackluster. The group lacked any of the identity established for them during their solo tenure. On top of this, the album just felt bland. No strong vocals, power ballads or jazzy instrumentals. LOONA 1/3 may just embody their purpose of being Earthlings because this seemed like any other generic Korean Idol album.

2. LOONA YYXY - beauty&thebeat
Closer to their solo songs, LOONA YYXY is an accurate representation of their purpose while playing up to the strengths of the individual members. Their music is very poppy and distinctive, reminiscent of the members solo song nature. The style of the songs, poppy, light hearted music, helps LOONA stand out not only among the other sub-units but other Idol groups. When you listen to this release, you know only LOONA could do something like this. "beauty&thebeat" is melodic and charming to ears.

 1. ODD Eye Cirlce - Mix & Match
If YYXY lives up to their specific purpose and continues where the solo songs left off, ODD Eye Circle embodies this multiple time over. Being the second sub-unit OEC is completely different from its predecessor and successor groups. OEC takes fun to another level with better written songs, groovier instrumentals and an overall fun atmosphere. "Mix and Match" has a dope blend of poppy and mellow songs well produced for maximum enjoyment. After LOONA 1/3 I honestly wasn't feeling LOONA but then Jinsoul, Kim Lip and Choerry brought me back and made me a fan once again with their solo and group work.

LOONA Worst To Best: Sub-Unit Albums LOONA Worst To Best: Sub-Unit Albums Reviewed by Tyrone Dismuke on Monday, September 10, 2018 Rating: 5

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